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FC 1144 – Capital Grid Project

  • DC PSC approves Notices of Construction for substations and underground transmission.
  • Pepco proposed a new underground transmission line that will cross the District of Columbia.
  • Pepco also proposed to rebuild two substations and build a new one to serve the Mt. Vernon area.
  • Total original cost estimate: Approximately $700 million (both transmission and distribution).
  • FC 1144 is an open docket; Pepco will make a new, comprehensive filing on June 29, 2018.

Pepco website: 

DCPSC E-Docket:

Alternatives to Building a New Mt. Vernon Substation in Washington D.C. Report by Synapse Energy Economics and DoEE – Nov. 2017

FC1150 – Interconnection

  • The Council of the District of Columbia enacted the Community Renewable Energy Amendment Act in 2013.  The Community Net Energy Metering Rules were published in the D.C. Register in May 2015
  • The Commission is currently considering changes to its Small Generator Interconnection Rules for Small Generating Facilities
  • A Technical Conference was held to discuss proposed interconnection rules and implementation costs for CREFs on May 17, 2018

DCPSC E-Docket:

Formal Case 1050 Technical Conference Report – 6/1/18

FC 1145 – Power Line Undergrounding (PLUG)

  • Recommended by Mayor’s Task Force and adopted by Council of the District of Columbia.
  • In 2017, PSC approved the First Biennial Plan with six projects.
  • Effort is focused on undergrounding the worst performing distribution feeders to reduce and prevent storm-related outages.
  • Legislation authorized $500 million over at least six years.

DC Gov’t website:

DCPSC website:

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