A Grip on Sports: Zags needs to get back to playing Zags basketball on the offensive end

A GRIP IN THE SPORT • Time to panic? Or just a glitch as Gonzaga rebuilds his roster and moves to the inevitable Sweet 16 berth? Can they be both?


• We witnessed 11th-place Texas do two things Wednesday night in Austin. The Longhorns boated against the runners-up – for now – Zags 93-74 before a sold-out crowd in the new Moody Center. And we watched the Bulldogs wither for the third time in less than two years against a team capable and willing to deny them transition baskets and the ability to execute their offense.

The former, standing on its own, wouldn’t be a concern. No reason to panic. Sure, no regular season opponent has done this to GU since Washington State in 2010, but getting beaten easily is always a possibility when you’re facing highly talented teams, especially on their home turf. Add in the motivation provided by Gonzaga’s 86-74 win last year in Spokane and the chances got even bigger.

But the latter is starting to become problematic.

Think back to the 2021 NCAA title game. What we saw Texas do last night looked awfully familiar to what Baylor did in that 86-70 rout. Then there’s last year’s Sweet Sixteen loss to Arkansas. It wasn’t as lopsided, with a 74-68 finish, but there were similarities on Gonzaga’s offensive side to what happened last night.

An athletic team exerting extreme pressure, forcing the Zags out of their comfort zone.

It’s not easy to do. If it were, others would be able to do it. But more could happen this season until the Bulldogs figure out how to work together. If they do.

We bet they will. This has been the trademark of Mark Few’s teams over the years.

Another brand? They share the ball. That hasn’t happened in the aforementioned losses, and it hasn’t happened so far this season. It’s probably not due to a lack of “I want” but more of a “I can’t”.

Against Arkansas last season, the Zags assisted on only nine of their 24 buckets. That’s 37.5 percent. Overall last year, they witnessed 55 percent of their rims made and had an assist-to-turnover ratio of 1.56. In other words, they cared for the ball and shared it, resulting in the most efficient shooting team in the NCAA, hitting over 52% of their shots.

But that was last year. This is 2022 and the Bulldog roster is different. Instead of having one seasoned point guard (Andrew Nembhard, now in the NBA), the Zags put sophomore Nolan Hickman on offense and a group of guards who are still adjusting to the role of more ball-handling.

Hickman, who sat out last night’s loss with what appeared to be an ankle injury, is talented enough to do the job. He just lacks experience.

Michigan State taught him — and the Zags — lessons. So he did Texas. Those games combined, Gonzaga made 48 field goals. The Bulldogs had 18 assists. A 37.5% assist rate is indicative of their offensive issues. So is their assist-to-turnover ratio. Last year it was 1.56 to 1. Against MSU and Texas? That wasn’t good, with 25 assists on 38 turnovers. That’s a ratio of 0.657 to 1 for us non-math nerds.

Even with these problems, Gonzaga found a way to win against Michigan State. That’s not something Sunday’s Arena opponent, fourth-ranked Kentucky, can say. But the Wildcats have the ability, when properly motivated, to play defense on a level just below Texas and Arkansas. And they will be motivated against OJ. Count.

Unless the Zags take care of the ball and trust their offense (and each other), it could be another long night.


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