A Haunting in Venice can transport Poirot to a 1960s setting

The new Poirot film of 2023 will not be just business as usual. A Haunting in Venice has a new setting, which changes the image, if kept.

Kenneth Branagh has another Poirot film lined up for 2023. An obsession in Venicebased on Agatha Christie’s 1969 mystery novel Halloween partywill premiere in September. While many aspects of Christie’s adaptation to the screen seem business as usual (the casting of major stars, the Knives out influential formula of suspicion locally and flashy production), there is an aspect of this particular novel that could create an entirely new experience with Poirot. Halloween party it was not only written in 1969, but largely set in the same time period.

Halloween party a murder ensues at a children’s Halloween party. A young girl is killed by drowning in a bucket full of apples after boasting that she once witnessed a murder. While most of the novel’s trappings are the familiar Agatha Christie formula of a party gone wrong and a list of various colorful suspects, this book differs from Christie’s others in its setting. While Christie is usually associated with the 1930s and 40s, the golden age of Hollywood-era glamour, Halloween party takes place in 1969, a very different time from the usual Christie story.

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How the Halloween party changes Agatha Christie’s formula

Poirot grew a mustache after Katherine's death in Death on the Nile

Halloween party it sees a much older Poirot and his companions looking on with some dismay at the changed world of the late 1960s. Just like the last one Knives out mystery films, there are references to the “long-haired musicians” that had become popular. There is much talk between Poirot and his fellow police officers about the crimes being committed in the current era, the changing trends around the world, and the vivid descriptions of late 1960s fashion, dress and hair that distinguish the characters. It is quite a clash between the old school world of Christie and the new post-60s Britain.

Both of Branagh’s previous Christie films were set in the 1930s. Murder on the Orient Express took its storyline straight from the headlines, with Lindbergh’s kidnapping setting up the entire backstory. Death on the Nile it was inspired by the haves and have-nots of the Great Depression. Halloween party ​​​​​​it is no different; is set in the time it was written and evokes the similarly dramatic and conflict-ridden late 1960s.

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Agatha Christie’s 60s setting will make the difference in A Haunting in Venice

Hercule Poirot in Death on the Nile

Given the contemporaneity of Knives out film, the Christie formula can adapt to any time, place, setting, and aesthetic. The time jump in Branagh’s Poirot film would create a radically different aesthetic for the film. Those expecting 1930s glamour, makeup and jazz, if the film stays true to the novel’s setting, will be in for a shock, as 1930s glamorous looks are swapped for long hair and go-go boots. While Halloween party it’s been adapted before, it’s never been made into a film. Murder in the East To express And Death on the Nile they were feature films before, but Halloween party it will be a first big-screen production and the first big-screen production of any Christie novel from the 1960s. This decision has the potential to offer a new kind of Poirot story to fans accustomed to 1930s Poirot.

Halloween party it’s different, not just in its setting, but also in its plot, characters, overall tone, and aesthetics. It is more ethereal, more mysterious and imbued with the strange sense of existing in a different world than the one in which Poirot was conceived. For all these reasons, A Creepy in Venice has the ability to completely change Agatha Christie adaptations in the future.

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