Acloset is bringing hyper-personalization to the fashion industry through the AI-powered Digital Closet Platform

Looko, which operates an AI-powered digital closet platform “Acloset”, is a South Korean fashion technology startup that solves the universal fashion dilemma of “a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear” by adopting advanced technology of artificial intelligence. In a society where this dilemma accelerates fast fashion, Looko aims to innovate the daily life of fashion by digitizing personal clothing data through the Acloset service.

Looko launched a digital closet service “Acloset” in February 2021. This app allows users to easily create their own digital closet by taking photos of items or linking online shopping information from fashion commerce sites. The digital wardrobe allows users to see and manage all their clothes in the palm of their hand in one app. Unlike existing digital closet apps, Acloset features AI technology that automatically analyzes every item and personal style. It also recommends customized outfit combinations based on the algorithm developed by fashion specialists.

When users upload clothing items, Acloset AI removes messy backgrounds and categorizes detailed clothing information. Through this process, users can get clear images of the registered items and see the detailed information entered automatically. Based on a dataset of more than 23 million user clothes, Acloset’s AI classifies category, color, material, season and model within 0.03 seconds. Based on the clothing information and outfit history registered in the app, the artificial intelligence analyzes the user’s taste in style and recommends personalized style ideas. Acloset also analyzes in-app dress recommendation feedback submitted directly by users and continuously updates its algorithm to provide personalized recommendations to each user.

Acloset allows users to digitize their clothes, get personalized clothing recommendations, and learn about the fashion life of users they didn’t even recognize before at a glance through style analysis. Meeting the global needs to make the most of ‘My Clothes’, Acloset is growing further reaching 1 million global users within 20 months of the service’s launch. Interestingly, the majority of users are Gen Z women in Europe and the United States.

Looko plans to expand to the second-hand market for used clothes in 2023. Users will be able to easily sell items they no longer wear by selecting items from their digital closet. Acloset will help users find appropriate buyers quickly by recommending potential buyers for each item based on advanced AI technology. Acloset CEO Heasin Ko pointed out that Acloset would contribute to global sustainable fashion by enabling people to wear, buy and sell the clothes they own through this app, Acloset.

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