Adoption of Bitgert’s “Zero Trading Fee” Exchange Is Exploding, and Here’s What Investors Can Expect


As crypto analysts had predicted, even before its launch, the Bitgert exchange is experiencing mass adoption within days of launch. According to the Brise team, the number of users joining this exchange, as well as the volume of transactions, has been growing rapidly.

This was expected because the Bitgert exchange was created to address the limitations of older exchanges like Binance, Coinbase,, etc., which cryptocurrency traders have been complaining about. This includes expensive transaction fees, slow transactions, and security issues.

The Bitgert exchange is now the first gas-free trading exchange and also the fastest cryptocurrency exchange as it can process 100,000 transactions per second. Thus, it addressed the cost of transactions and the scaling issue.

As for the security of cryptocurrency investors’ assets, the exchange only stores 10% of assets in a hot wallet and 90% of deposits are stored in a cold wallet that is impossible to hack. The team also designed an exchange that uses a multi-level and multi-cluster system architecture, making it super secure.

High liquidity, multiple devices, and support for multiple coins are other reasons Bitgert exchange adoption is exploding. More cryptocurrency trading volumes are expected in the coming weeks, especially after adding the 30+ new pairs as promised.

What investors can expect

The Bitgert exchange is one of the most significant products in the Brise ecosystem and its mass adoption has a direct impact on the price of the coin. Therefore, the growing adoption of this CEX, as the number of traders and trading volumes increase, means an increase in the value of the Brise coin.

Therefore, Bitgert’s investors should expect to get better returns on the holdings as demand for the Brise exchange increases. As more assets are added to the exchange, BRISE holders can expect more profits.

Competitiveness of Bitgert

There is no doubt that the adoption of the Bitgert exchange will have an impact on the competitiveness of this coin. In recent months, Bitgert has been ranked among the coins that could compete with big coins like Bitcoin and others.

As adoption of the exchange explodes, the competitiveness of $BRISE against Bitcoin and other rivals in the market is strengthening. While it may not surpass Bitcoin’s market cap, Bitgert will have the potential to reward investors larger than Bitcoin in 2023.

The bottom line is that we can expect adoption of the Bitgert exchange to continue to skyrocket in the coming months, which makes Bitgert one of the best crypto assets to buy today.

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