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Based in Delhi, the clothing brand Aly&Val has been redefining the concept of casual fashion since 2018. In a field where change is the only constant, Aly&Val deserves a special mention for being constantly in vogue.

Aly&Val presents the most impressive collection of western clothing for men and women. The attention to even the smallest details makes the brand stand out as the fresh and promising clothing brand currently. The minimalist approach and unconventional aesthetics in terms of design make this brand one of a kind in this generation to keep up with.

The use of super soft yet highly durable materials further make the collection a must have for their everyday wardrobe.
The use of super soft yet highly durable materials further make the collection a must have for their everyday wardrobe.

Aly&Val’s new collection of graphic printed T-shirts offer a quirky and refreshing twist to casual wear. T-shirts with printed quotes, distinct concepts and abstract designs wouldn’t be readily available anywhere except under this brand. Both summer t-shirts and hoodies for men and crop tops and v-necks for women feature these iconic designs. The use of super soft yet highly durable materials further make the collection a must have for their everyday wardrobe.

Originally conceived as an online clothing brand during the recent pandemic, it quickly made its way to all popular e-commerce platforms. With persistence and honest efforts, the brand successfully landed in retail stores in just six months of its conception. The sheer motivation from the happy customer base has also led the brand to try their hand at customizing the products.

Aly&Val’s trendy and stylish designs owe to their own group of designers across the country, who are constantly working to overcome the scrutiny of both youth and adult vibe. The current administrative team of Aly&Val, led by the same CEO, Sakshat Kohli, consists of a production manager, a quality controller, a chief stylist, a marketing manager, graphic designers, etc., shares valuable inputs with the team of designers in pleasing the reference target which is mainly between 15 and 30 years old.

The brand has gained considerable influence in the market due to its high-quality materials, long-lasting color palette, affordability, vast number of options, novel concepts, innovative designs, classic twists on casualwear, etc. The makers have been particularly careful not to compromise the durability of the product despite the affordable price ranges in which they are available. The brand mainly focuses on providing high quality and latest design fashion to customers at affordable price.

What makes Aly&Val unique is the relentless pursuit to keep up with the high expectations of its customer community. They have consistently manifested their vision of affordable premium fashion through their designs. When other brands sourced their designs from other brands and were repetitive in patterns and designs, Aly&Val was especially keen to create their unique designs and provide a unique range of clothing for customers. They have been developing its models and designs since its conception and, even as a growing organization, it still follows the same process. They are excited to revamp their entire collection from time to time to refresh the designs and add the latest and trendiest designs to the collection.

Positive feedback from a customer community of over 40,000 members is validated by some of today’s top Instagram influencers. Instagram collaborations with models like Priya Kapoor, Sanya Kalsi, Kanak Mishra, Mahi Bhatia, Latika Sharma, Teesha Sikri, etc., are proof of the acceptance the brand has earned among influencers and celebrities.

The Aly&Val team intends to further showcase their creativity and original ideas and aspires to move forward towards the bigger goals of making the brand flourish, grow into multi-brand stores, expand into even the most remote provinces of the country and finally mature into one of the leading clothing brands in the country.

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