APG approves African fashion show funding law

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its weekly General Body (GBM) meeting on November 15 to discuss the Beta X SGA Reindeer Games Act, the SGA Communications and Marketing Commission (CMC) Funding Act, and the on the financing of the African fashion show.

Beta X SGA Reindeer Games Bill

Sophomore Class Senator Dalhart Dobbs introduced the Beta X SGA reindeer games bill. The bill supports a philanthropic event with Beta Theta Pi fraternity featuring outdoor gaming tournaments, with all proceeds going to Black Women Build Baltimore. The bill calls for $400 in funding to be spent on awards.

  • Sophomore Class Senator Jackson Morris asked how much Beta Theta Pi will contribute to the event. Dobbs replied that Beta will provide all the necessary equipment.
  • The bill has been tabled for re-read at the next GBM.

SGA CMC Financing BilL

Secretary Elaina Regier and Director of Social Affairs Milton Diaz filed the SGA CMC Funding Bill to request $172 in funding for the upfront costs of CMC operations, such as the purchase of a Canva subscription, print materials and ribbon.

  • Morris asked about Canva subscriptions and the free trial period.
  • The bill has been tabled for re-read at the next GBM.

African fashion show funding account

Junior Class Senator Shalala Leny introduced the African Fashion Show Funding Bill to request funding for the sixth annual African Fashion Show hosted by the Association of African Students (ASA).

The event promotes diversity by showcasing African designers and student models. The bill called for a total of $4,050, with the ASA funding the remainder. The show will charge an admission price and all proceeds will go to the Maasai Girls Education Fund.

  • Leny invited ASA President Ameerah Bello and Vice President Derin Adeleke to answer questions about the event.
  • Morris inquired about the need to charge an admission price, citing the APG tradition of trying to avoid charging money for events. Bello explained that ASA gives all proceeds to charity, stating that “it is in our mission and constitution to promote and support the African continent”.
  • Senior Class President JiWon Woo inquired about the drastic increase in funding, as the 2018 ASA Fashion Show requested $2,000.
  • ASA board members explained that costs have risen due to inflation and that they do not want to reduce the prices of black-owned small business custom-made clothing. They cited a desire to outdo themselves and celebrate African culture.
  • Woo suggested looking into alternative video operators to cut costs.
  • Morris agreed with Woo and proposed that the ASA contact Digital Media Center to use their sources to cut costs.
  • The ASA members explained that videography is a crucial element of the event and they selected this videographer due to their unique style and skills. They hired a volunteer videographer last year, which resulted in low quality results that didn’t do the event justice. They said the show celebrates African culture so they want to hire black companies.
  • Treasurer Kya Nicholson said APG is awarded $25,000 a year and has only used $5,000 so far, so she has enough cash. He noted that ASA hasn’t received a semiannual allotment and has relied solely on fundraising to host events this semester, so they deserve the money.
  • She pointed out that the show celebrates African culture, so they want to support black businesses. “Independent contractors and everyone involved is black. This is a black event,” she said.
  • APG Consultant Rebecca Walsh reminded APG of their mission, saying: “We are not in this position to nitpick about money, we are here to improve the student experience. It’s not about dimes and dimes when we have quarters.
  • Sophomore Class Senator Nasreen Naqvi and Junior Class Senator Mufasa Cruz Moreno agreed, adding that the event will have a big impact on campus and showcase the importance of supporting cultural organizations.
  • The bill passed with one abstention.

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