Author Kerry Watkins’ new book ‘Sect War’ is an action-packed fantasy novel that takes readers into an epic battle of good versus evil set in a magical world

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Kerry Watkins, who grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, has completed his new book “Sect War”: a gripping and powerful fantasy novel that immerses readers in another world. The forces of good and evil unite in small-scale battles to determine the fate of a colony, whether they live free from tyranny or succumb to the will of a brutally oppressive regime.

The difficult terrain made wheeled vehicles impractical and limited military boat designs to those that closely resemble the only creatures capable of effectively traversing terrain: insects. All aircraft were given the default name of seven and often incorporate design features too complex for most pilots to master. The first conflict using fragile and unreliable sectarian aircraft ended in a bitter stalemate. It was more of a lull in the fighting as both sides worked to reconstitute themselves. Much has changed since then with technological advances in aircraft design and complexity. The Ferocious are in the buildup to a final push to wipe out the last remaining colony of the descendants who left the Great Hive generations ago to seek prosperity.

The Feroci have developed secret advanced crafts and cunning strategy. Weary of war, the last colony has become complacent in limiting engagements to small engagements and mostly defensive operations. The colony’s leadership suspects that the Feroci are planning a major offensive but have no idea where or when. They’ve begun sending out scouts to find clues, but the colony’s pilots are hesitant to fly near the Feroci’s homeland for fear of meeting the enemy’s ace leader in a craft called a Sect Slayer. A squad leader of the new sect meets the enemy ace in his first combat mission and manages to survive after the pilot is incapacitated. In the process, he discovers love, a jealous new enemy who wants to ruin his career, new allies, an old friend who wants to even the odds, and a determined ace enemy who wants to take revenge on him and lead the Ferocious forces to assured victory. Thus began the War of the Seven.

The author Kerry Watkins comes from a military family. His grandfather was a World War I veteran, his father served in Vietnam, his brothers served in the US Army and Marine Corps, and he has sons who serve in the Air National Guard and Navy. He joined the Army and served as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief with the 82nd Airborne Division’s Combat Aviation Battalion in North Carolina. Kerry spent seventeen years in enlisted service before earning a commission as an armor officer in the Washington National Guard. He deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2004 where he began taking notes on some of his experiences that would later be reflected in “Sect War.” He completed the manuscript in 2008 and shared the story and concept art with some close friends who finally convinced him to publish it in 2020.

Kerry works for a large commercial aircraft manufacturer as an inspector. He earned a solo pilot certificate and has volunteered to restore aircraft at the Seattle Museum of Flight. Kerry has an interest in local politics and has run unsuccessfully for political office. He also served as a reserve police officer for the City of Everett. Kerry lives in Lake Stevens, Washington.

Kerry writes: “Sergeant Mix Brewster clutched tightly his dirty dark green flight bag containing his aviator’s helmet, flight gloves, daily rations and some maintenance items as he walked briskly along the flight deck. He held the greased bag low and steady to avoid disturbing the contents as he looked down at the long winding line of clumsy winged craft. To his left, the jagged, bush-entwined walls of the adjacent surface rose almost vertically, and to his right, a continuous arrester wire supported by metre-high bouncing posts bounded the steep edge.

Published by Page Publishing, Kerry Watkins’ gripping short story delivers an unforgettable adventure that is sure to keep readers eager to see what unfolds next.

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Sect War” in bookstores worldwide or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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