Author Matt Cain will publish a new novel in early 2023

An established Bury-born author will bring in the new year with a bang as he celebrates the paperback publication of his latest novel.

Matt Cain, author and prominent commentator on LGBT+ issues, is excited to see his latest book, Becoming Ted, in paperback next month.

Like his previous titles, he has a strong connection to Bolton, where he grew up.

Matt, 47, said: “I’m really excited about the release of Becoming Ted.

“I had a lot of quiet time during the block streak so make good use of it and wrote a lot of stuff.

“In fact, I sometimes joked that it was like I paid a lot of money to go to a quiet, secluded writers retreat with no distractions.

“Now – finally – I get to share the fruits of all my hard work!”

Matt said that although the book does not feature Bolton, it has a strong connection to Lancashire and the main character’s name is inspired by a small village in Bolton.

She said: “The key themes of the book are community and the need for human connection and that is why I set the story in Lancashire – I think it is much easier to explore in an environment known for its warm and friendly people. down to earth.

“I always end up returning to this part of the world when I write novels: it’s what I know, it’s part of my spirit, it helped shape me as a human being and as a writer.

“And my work is known for its heart and humour, both qualities I strongly associate with Lancashire.

“I’m not sure I could write the same kind of books set elsewhere!

Bury Times: Matt is a book signerMatt signs books (Image: Matt Cain)

“Ted’s surname was inspired by Ainsworth, the village just outside Bolton where my grandmother and grandfather lived for most of my life.

“My grandmother recently turned 100 and now lives in a retirement home in Radcliffe.”

Away from writing, Matt is getting married earlier this month.

He said: “I got married on Sunday 18th December and the ceremony was in London but there was a large Bolton attendance.

“A whole busload of family and friends disembarked, having departed from Newport Street the day before.

“And we served food and drink that told the stories of our lives. My husband is a South African Jew so we had food stations serving South African braai and Israeli falafel and shawarma, but also Carrs pies and Bolton mushy peas!

Bury Times: Matt Cain and her husband HarryMatt Cain and her husband Harry (Image: Joseph Scanlon)

“And everyone loved them, especially the South Africans!

“We also served Flat Cap beer from Bank Top brewery in Bolton, and this was so popular we ran out!

“And my husband Harry made several jokes in his speech about coming from Cape Town and never having heard of Bolton, then traveling with me and falling in love with the city.

“He can’t wait to get back with me to help promote Becoming Ted!”

The book is officially released on January 19 but is already available for pre-order online.

Matt said he is looking forward to hosting Bolton Buyings at both Central Library and Waterstones.

Keep an eye on Matt’s Twitter to find out when the purchases are: @MattCainWriter

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