Biosion Announces Research Collaboration with ImmunoGen to Create Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Collaboration to explore the potential of creating new generation aantibody-drug conjugates with SynTracer from Biosion® internalization platform and ImmunoGen’s proprietary linker-payload technology

NEWARK, Del., December 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Biosion United States of America, Inc. (Biosion), a global biotechnology research and development company, today announced an exploratory research collaboration to create antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of cancer with ImmunoGen, Inc. (Nasdaq: IMGN ), a leading developer of next-generation drug ADCs. In the joint research effort, Biosion will leverage its proprietary SynTracer® high-throughput endocytosis (HT) platform to generate highly selective antibodies for targets assigned by each company, and ImmunoGen will provide its proprietary linker-payload technology to create new ADCs.

“We are excited about our new joint research effort with ImmunoGen, a world-renowned leader in ADCs,” he said. Hugh DavisPh.D., Chief Operating Officer and President of Biosion United States of AmericaInc. “This collaboration will leverage each company’s strengths; ImmunoGen’s expertise in linkers and payloads combined with Biosion’s SynTracer® HT endocytosis platform with the aim of identifying new treatments for tumors of solid tumors”.

About Biosion

Biosion is a global clinical-stage biotechnology company developing antibody-based therapeutics to improve patient outcomes for the treatment of immune and oncological diseases. Founded in 2017, Biosion has built a pipeline of innovative biologics through its proprietary internally derived technologies, including the H³ antibody discovery platform, SynTracer® high-throughput endocytosis platform and bispecific Flexibody™ platform. Biosion’s lead asset, BSI-045B (anti-TSLP mAb), is currently in Phase 2 for severe asthma and entering Phase 2 for atopic dermatitis. Biosion and partners plan to advance additional immuno-oncology biologics and antibody drug conjugates into clinical trials for oncology indications over the next year. Biosion operates in the United States, AustraliaAnd China.

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About SynTracer® High-throughput endocytosis (HT) platform.

SynTracer® The HT Endocytosis Platform is Biosion’s antibody discovery platform that enables the rapid identification of antibodies with high endocytosis rates, providing promising candidates for antibody drug conjugates. The SynTracer® The HT Endocytosis Platform is also uniquely positioned to identify superior antibodies for use with other modalities such as siRNAs, oligonucleotides, radioisotopes, and immunostimulatory agents.

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