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Bill, a moral man who is still in love with his wife, discovers street skills he never knew he had as he encounters gangsters and femmes fatales. He has the help of a brave friend (the “who’ll help you move a body” kind) who provides shelter and muscle. His friend helps Bill interpret the logs, which should prepare him for any problems he’ll encounter. It is not so. “Original Sins” has a pronounced kinship with the work of Raymond Chandlerwhich is mentioned at the end of the book, in a scene that sets the stage for hoped-for future novels Bill Delahanty.

“Original Sins” (209 pages, softcover) costs $13.99 from online retailers. Houlihan has written four books for young adults, including “The River Kids of Munroe falls.” He is a student of the University of Akron And Kent State University.

“A Quiet Greatness”

native of Akron Myron T. Vernis has French, German and Italian cars in his renowned and eclectic collection, but has more recently focused on Japanese cars, the subject of “A Quiet Greatness: of Japan Most amazing cars for the collector and the aficionado”, the astounding 35 pounds of eye candy he assembled with a fellow collector Mark R. Brinkera Houston orthopedic surgeon.

Vernis said he was inspired to renew his interest in Japanese cars by young enthusiasts: “Their passion renewed my passion.”

The four massive volumes cover 16 manufacturers, alphabetically from Diahatsu to Yamaha, with 2,200 images, mostly photos taken specifically for the book but also historic photos and marketing brochure images.

The project uses the highest quality photography, reproduction and materials – to say ‘no expense has been spared’ is an understatement. Vernis said he and Brinker had “a great partnership” from everyone they asked for help, with full access to all the producers’ archives.

In addition to the four main volumes, there is an 86-page supplement with an index, photo credits, racing statistics, and minutiae such as engine and chassis designations.

“A Quiet Greatness” (1,400 pages, hardcover in case) costs $350 from The preface is by Jay Leno.

“From Mourning to Morning”

The death of a loved one is an almost universal experience, but there is no universal way to grieve.

University of Akron pupil Wen Davison tells her moving personal story in “From Mourning to Morning: A Woman’s Journey”. In 2007, Davison was living with her husband, Chuck, whose health had been in decline for five years due to diabetes and prostate cancer, among other ailments; now he showed signs of dementia. When he broke his elbow in a fall, the deterioration progressed.

Davison had the support of family, including her first husband, her pastor, and church members. She writes graciously about the role her faith plays in her, including inspirational readings and prayers.

“From mourning to mourning” (92 pages, soft cover) costs $17.95 from online retailers.


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Reed Memorial Library (167 E. Main St., Ravenna): Authors Abby Collette (Ice Cream Parlor mystery series, also writing as Abby L. Vandiver), Misty Wilson (“Play Like a Girl”, her explicit memoir about being the only girl on her seventh grade football team), SA Schneider (“Embracing the Magic” mid-level fantasy series) e Cindy Jarrett (storybook “Adventures with Grandma”) book signing from Saturday from 14 to 16.

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