Brand Institute’s SVP of Creative Nomenclature Analyzes FDA New Drug Name Approvals for 2022

YOU LOVE ME, January 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, 37 brands were approved by the FDA for new drugs.
Alexa LashSenior Vice President of Creative Nomenclature at the Brand Institute, offers some insights.

“Of the 37 new drug name approvals by the FDA in 2022, there are distinct findings that may help differentiate future drug name candidates for products under development,” Ms. Lash commented. “For example, just over 13% of candidate names started with the letter V, including endorsements of the shorter name, VONJO. And while one might imagine many candidates would end with an ‘A’, a food pharmaceutical, the suffix The main letter in 2022 was “O”, which served as the final letter for 27% of approved candidates. This means that there may be new letters that will be in the spotlight this year. The first approval of 2023 is LEQEMBI, so not I look forward to seeing what patterns emerge this year.”

“These names varied in style and overall length,” says Ms. Lash, “which is a clear sign that candidate name endorsement remains diverse and ever-changing. If you’ve never gone through the brand naming process before , it’s always a good idea to seek out experts who can balance regulatory approval with marketability.”

Since joining the Brand Institute in 2013, Ms. Lash has worked on thousands of naming projects, including consumer and pharmaceutical brand names, corporate identities, and clinical trial names.

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