‘Bringing Home the Oscar’: Celebrities Congratulate Team Joyland on Government’s Decision to Clear Film Release – Celebrities

Four days after declaring Joyland “uncertified”, the federal government decided to clear the film for release. Celebrities have turned to different mediums to celebrate the decision, while Osman Khalid Butt and Yasir Hussain have questions for the censorship board that declared the film “uncertified” in the first place.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Head of Strategic Reform Salman Sufi tweeted: “The film Joyland was cleared for release by the review committee of the censorship board formed under the direction of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and should be cultivated in the realms of the law.”

Taking the news to her Instagram story, Aly congratulated the whole thing Joyland team and said: “let’s take the Oscar home!”

Chupke Chupke actor Butt tweeted that he hopes there’s a proper investigation into “how and why there was an attempt to ban a film already certified and board-approved” in the first place.

He said trusting censorship boards, reviewing the system or introducing a proper rating system for films rather than simply making a decision based on alleged “written complaints” received about a film.

This was announced by the actor Nafees Joyland cleared for release with a celebratory emoji and said those who don’t want to watch it mustn’t, with the hashtag #okaythanksbye.

“Grateful to everyone who made this possible. Thanks folks,” Afgan wrote in a post by Left 2.0 on Instagram announcing the news of the film’s release.

Actor Hussain headed his seat on the censorship board and wrote, “you can only be part of history, but you can’t stop a story. Start screaming if there is no space to tell.

On Saturday, JI Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan shared a copy of the notice dated Nov. 11, which reads that the Central Board of Film Censors in Islamabad granted the censorship certificate on Aug. 17 this year. However, after receiving complaints that “the film contains highly objectionable material which does not conform to the social values ​​and moral standards of our society and is clearly repugnant to the norms of ‘decency and morality; as set forth in Section 9 of the Motion Picture Ordinance of 1979,” the federal government said Joyland “uncertified”.

Several celebrities have rallied behind writer-director Saim Sadiq of Joyland for the film’s release, asking the censorship board and the government to reconsider their decision.

Joyland produced by Apoorva Guru Charan, Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and Lauren Mann. The ensemble cast of the film includes debutants Ali Junejo, Alina Khan and Rasti Farooq along with some of Pakistan’s beloved and respected actors like Sarwat Gilani, Sania Saeed, Sohail Sameer and Salmaan Peerzada.

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