Check out these 10 fashion brands Blackpinks love


If you’ve been seeing a lot of corsets on your Instagram feed lately, it’s probably because of Miaou. Miaou, in French, was created by designer Alexia Elkaim when she was looking for a pair of pants with the “perfect fit” for her and her friends. What started out as a one-off pair of denim pants has become one of the most coveted brands by both Gen Z and millennials alike, and Blackpink’s stamp of approval is irrefutable proof of that.

Fan Club

Sheer fabrics and feminine ruffles are having their moment in the Y2k fashion spotlight. And so is Fancí Club. Founded in 2020 by Khanh Duy Tran, the up-and-coming Vietnamese brand is known for its custom, handmade and deconstructed designs made from recycled fabrics. Indication: Rosé and Jisoo’s black-and-white asymmetrical ruffled dresses in theirs Pink Poison MV extension. Oh, and remember that striking red cutout dress Jisoo wore during her solo performance of “Liar” in Seoul? This too is Fancí. You’re welcome.

Likira Matoshi

If there’s one designer who could rock a shimmering strawberry tulle gown amid a global pandemic, it would be Likira Matoshi. After moving to New York City, the Kosovo native handcrafted choker necklaces on Etsy before garnering attention on Instagram for her hand-embellished pieces. She is now on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and boasts a cult following of over 800k on Instagram. If you’re a staunch believer in the cottagecore aesthetic, opt for the cloud sweater from the brand loved by Jisoo and Jennie (who chose knitwear as her 25th birthday outfit!)


Bonbom was launched in 2020 by South Korean designer Bonbom Jo, who recently presented the brand’s Winter 2022 collection during the opening show of Seoul Fashion Week AW22-23, marking his runway debut. In an age where casual streetwear dominates fashion trends, Bonbom is looking to redefine what it means to dress today through versatile silhouettes that accentuate the wearer’s femininity or masculinity. From baggy cargo pants to flirty micro-minis, Bonbom’s pieces are now a staple in Blackpink’s wardrobes.


Nieeh is a South Korean unisex brand known for its minimalist and timeless basics. It was founded by Jennie’s close friend Chahee, a fellow singer who was a former member of K-pop girl group Melody Day. All four members of Blackpink have been seen sporting Nieeh on numerous occasions, including the famous bag shoulder bag from the brand adorned with a chunky translucent chain along with oversized hoodies and sweatshirts.

In 2021, fashion influencer Irene Kim took to Instagram to unwrap Nieeh’s signature handbag and thanked Jennie for the gift, leading the eagle-eyed Blinks to speculate that Jennie might be the co-founder of the brand . The name “Nieeh”, which is pronounced “nee-hee” in Korean (니히), can also be interpreted as a combination of Jennie’s and Chahee’s first names, with “Nie” for Jennie and “eeh” spelled backwards for Chahee.

Pony Stone

Boasting a plethora of edgy designs bursting with personality, Thai fashion brand Pony Stone has been certified Blackpink since the girl group’s “Ice Cream” era. Their denim bralette went viral after Jennie wore it to a live performance of “Pretty Savage” in 2020 and the branding was recently seen on both Lisa and Jennie for “Shut Down” during their last return.


Based in Seoul, Dydoshop was founded in 2020 by Doyun Ha. The fashion brand is one of Jennie’s favorites — the singer has posted several snapshots on Instagram showcasing their designs, from button-down collar shirts to fitted tees, all adorned with graphic prints inspired by music and casual moments from life.


South Korean brand Baekro draws inspiration from various eras and cultures to create garments that transcend the definition of “clothing”. Sensual cutouts, raw edges and dramatic fringes characterize their artistic yet practical designs. Lisa’s choice of Baekro is the black dress with cut sleeves, which hugs the body in all the right places.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the main character of the global music scene like Blackpink? Well, you can get a glimpse of the main character’s life… at the top of “Main Character” of Praying. The buzzy Instagram brand is known for its pop culture-inspired pieces – think Brangelina, Bella and Edward hoodies Dusk messenger bags and baby T-shirts plastered with everything from Gen Z slogans to the Holy Trinity. For those looking to up their airport-style game, take a style cue from Lisa and pair the brand’s ‘God’s Favorite’ tee with some yellow hoodies.

Oh mighty

The world has hopped on the y2k train and Blackpink is no exception. Tanks covered in cherries graphics and bejeweled butterflies made their way into Jennie’s everyday wardrobe, all thanks to O Mighty. Those with a penchant for pieces that play with tongue-in-cheek humor will also find this brand right up their alley – the text on these O Mighty tops can speak for itself.

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