Creators of personalized romance novels encourage dreamers to act on their good ideas founders JS Fletcher and Kathy M. Newbern realized a great idea in 1992. founders JS Fletcher and Kathy M. Newbern realized a great idea in 1992.

The NC couple followed their hearts to create a unique publishing company that changed their lives

When we tell people what we do, that we are travel writers and romance novelists, they are in awe. We have acted on our great idea and are able to work for ourselves which is a dream come true.”

— JS Fletcher, co-founder of

RALEIGH, North Carolina, USA, Jan. 19, 2023 / — “He changed our lives forever,” said JS Fletcher looking back on 1992 when he and wife Kathy M. Newbern implemented a great idea.

The couple, who create fiction under the pseudonym Fletcher Newbern, live in Raleigh, NC. That spark of an idea soon grew into a full-fledged business and their concept has remained a hit throughout the year, but especially as one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gifts.

This is because their big idea was to create a personalized romance novel in which each couple could become the protagonist. Thirty one years later they are still there as

The co-founders and their brilliant idea have been featured in over a thousand radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews, including “The Today Show,” USA TODAY, ABC-TV’s “The View,” People magazine, Elle, Bridal Guide, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur and more.

What sparked the idea? While working in public relations and serving on a conference panel, Newbern answered the ice-breaker question: “What would people be surprised to find out about you?” She replied that she had written a yet to be published romance novel. A good-natured chuckle ensued.

Over lunch, a friend commented, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could star in one of those novels?” The seed had been planted: On the long drive home, then-boyfriend (now husband) Fletcher commented, “You know we could do that.” Newbern agreed and took a manila envelope from the glove compartment and began to outline a story that anyone could play in.

After figuring out how to personalize each book using the personal information provided by each customer: names, workplaces, eye color, hair color, best friends, nicknames and many other individual details, they set to work.

The authors set their first novel, Another Day in Paradise, on a Caribbean island, and it still remains their best seller. “We’re also fortunate to be longtime travel writers,” said Newbern, “so our custom storylines are all about romantic places we’ve experienced to inspire an unforgettable vacation for any couple, at least on paper.”

“It’s been quite a ride,” Fletcher added. “When we tell people what we do, that we are travel writers and romance novelists, they are in awe. The big difference is that we acted on our big idea and are able to work for ourselves, which is a dream come true.” We also knew that if we didn’t take the plunge to see if we could create a genre completely new editorial, we would have always regretted it”.

Their idea worked so well that a wave of similar companies emerged over the years. “We pride ourselves on being the original creators of personable adult romance and, more importantly, the gold standard in the industry,” Newbern said. “We are equally proud to have worked with more than two dozen other writers to help them achieve their dream of being published.”

The pair’s first paperbacks featured a spiral, cookbook binding, and black-and-white silhouette cover. Their concept has evolved into perfectly bound novels – now over 50 choices – with color covers available as paperbacks, hardbacks, and ebooks. The story settings offer something for everyone: tropical beaches and cruise ships, exotic destinations and time travel, vampire themes and detective stories. is all about options: offering “wild” or “mild” versions of each book in terms of romantic interludes; add an uploaded photo to become part of a book’s existing cover; or even using a treasured photograph to create the entire book cover.

“Over the years,” Fletcher said, “our books have been labeled ‘Ultimate Vanity Valentine’ and we have been labeled ‘Computer Cupids.’ We love that job title.

And it all started with acting on a good idea.

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“Island of Love” is one of over 50 personalized romance novels from, founded 31 years ago.

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