Crypto’s foot fetish? Pulse of Pixelated Feetpix NFT

Fear not, crypto-weary souls who don’t see the end of suffering in sight: the seemingly erotic, pixelated feet pics are here and may have saved the day.

Feetpix (or, an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 extremely simple images of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite appendix, has taken cryptocurrencies by storm, surpassing Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and other blue-chip NFT spots to become the fifth most traded collection on the OpenSea NFT market on Tuesday.

A Feetpix NFT. Courtesy of: Feetpix

The project has traded 640 ETH, about $855,000, since its debut three days ago, with most of that volume coming in the last 24 hours alone. Feetpix was initially free to mint. The minimum price of the collection has since jumped to 0.135 ETH, or about $180. So far, the collection has seen over 16,000 transactions.

What is driving the cryptocurrency foot frenzy? Some secret benefits related to pedicure? Membership of a travel-oriented DAO? Utility tokens that unlock a treasure trove of outrageous, shoeless Polaroids? No, no and no.

“0 roadmaps, 0 promises, 0 marketing, 0 paid influencers,” Feetpix wrote on Twitter this morning. “1 common love of feet.”

The collection is neither more nor less than what it presents itself: an opportunity to “fulfill your deepest, darkest fantasies,” as OpenSea’s description of the collection goes. Feetpix is ​​simplistic websiteoffering few answers to curious shoppers, is marked by a rhythmic dance track of echoing moans.

Feetpix’s rarity is based on attributes that include accessories such as stockings, cigarettes, and panties, variations in nail polish color, and skin tone colors including white, tan, brown, dark brown, and “normal,” a skin color which appears to be a variation of white.

As soon as Feetpix started climbing the NFT charts on Tuesday, Crypto Twitter couldn’t look away. Perhaps these feet weren’t mere sock pots, but instead something nice, well-made, electric—a sign of the end of the NFT bear market.

Numerous Twitter users hailed the project’s success as an indicator of the return of the “season of degeneration,” the glory days of high-risk cryptocurrency trading.

The NFT market, which had a trading volume of $25 billion in 2021, collapsed after the latest crypto winter began in May. By the end of 2022, sales had declined about 88%.

The absurdity and bare (barefoot?) uselessness of Feetpix seemed to remind many of an earlier age in NFTs, when seemingly useless collections often ballooned to incredible ratings.

It’s unclear whether the thrill and excitement these 10,000 pairs of feet stimulated can resurrect the struggling NFT market. The mysterious creators of Feetpix, for their part, have mocked the sudden success of their project, berating the owners of Feetpix for showing clear signs of sexual deviancy.

Not so crazy about feet? There’s also a very similar collection on OpenSea, which offers a much lower sales volume and minimum price, but no “normal” skin attributes.

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