Digital Made Easy charts a path to growth, speed, and innovation through digital business

DETROIT–(COMMERCIAL THREAD)–Cost, misaligned goals, and lack of skills are the top barriers to digital transformation success, according to McKinsey & Co. Companies need a simpler approach to leveraging data and digital business solutions to stay competitive and innovate. Co-authored by founder and executive chairman Raj Vattikuti, Digital simplified (Imagine & Wonder, 2022) is available in hardcover and Kindle at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major bookstores.

The book distinguishes the differences between digital transformation and digital business and how together they can lift companies to unprecedented heights. Digital business takes a small scale, incremental approach where business takes ownership to drive business growth with speed. Digital transformation focuses on a technology ecosystem in the customer environment, streamlining existing tools and bringing new digital enterprise data technologies, an end-to-end, fully automated self-service enterprise digital platform to create the environment for business and engineering teams, as well as data scientists and data analysts to collaborate for high productivity, speed, scalability, consistency and create digital data/analysis assets for reuse. Business units across the enterprise converge with speed and continuous innovation leading to increased engineering productivity and a single source of truth (SSOT) that powers AI/ML and predictive tools to create data assets and growth.

Vattikuti, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist has a long career/trace focused on solutions and adding value to business, and co-author Ram Charan, renowned consultant to CEOs and best-selling author, lays out a proven path on how to digitize your business without disrupting your current business.

“Too often, digital initiatives fail because they are oversized, high-tech, and detrimental to existing operations. We have a better way, and it’s built on a professional-led engineering and agile approach,” says Vattikuti. Adds Charan: “The book introduces a digital business methodology that is a guide for business engineering teams, data scientists, and data analysts to work together for end-to-end security, compliance, quality and reliability.It is supported by real-world examples of the enterprise digital platform, how it is built, and how it helps drive speed, scale and consistency by leveraging the digital business methodology.

In this 158-page handbook of concrete strategies and methods, the authors show readers how to identify and implement small projects that align with major business priorities. Understanding the current digital enablement landscape will help business leaders reveal their value to stakeholders and drive engagement, consensus, and tool selection. Digital simplified outlines this process with real case studies. Readers can also:

  • Learn what it takes to get things done fast, with a focus on solving current business pain points with simplicity and an emphasis on digitizing and building a single source of truth.

  • Learn how to bring together the key components of a digital business methodology that leads to a collaborative culture between business and engineering teams, data scientists, and data analysts for end-to-end security, compliance, quality, and reliability.

  • Learn how a technology platform brings digital business methodology by leveraging and streamlining existing technology and new tools like Snowflake and Databricks within a client environment to achieve consistent results with uninterrupted speed.

“Raj Vattikuti and Ram Charan saw what so many others missed: true digital transformation begins and ends with the enterprise,” says David L. Rogers, global best-selling author of The Digital Transformation Handbook. “The central lessons of their book are what every leader needs to hear: give digital ownership to the company. Take an agile and iterative approach to investing. Design an innovation process based on experimentation. Push for speed and create digital products in weeks, not years. Change the culture to empower employees, collaborate across silos, and focus on results.”

“This is how digital transformation leads to lasting growth. If you’re running a legacy business today, you can’t afford anything less.

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Altimetrik is a pure play digital business and digital transformation company that unlocks growth and opportunity with speed, scale and consistency. We focus on delivering business results with an agile and product oriented approach. Our digital business methodology provides a model to develop, scale and bring new products to market faster. Our team of more than 5,500 professionals with software, data, and cloud engineering skills help create a culture of innovation and agility that optimizes team performance, modernizes technology, and creates new business models. As a strategic partner and catalyst, Altimetrik delivers results quickly without disruption to the business.

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