Downtown Tyler transforms for the holidays into local businesses

ETX Lawn & Order commissioned their specialty lighting unit to decorate downtown Tyler ahead of this year’s Christmas parade.

TYLER, Texas – As we approach the holiday season, many East Texans are getting into the spirit by installing holiday decorations.

The city of Tyler is also on vacation with big plans for the downtown plaza turning Rose City into a “winter wonderland.”

This year the city contracted out a local Tyler business called ETX Lawn & Order. A local landscaping company that recently launched what they call their specialty lighting unit.

Company owner Justin Carlson said he’s grown his business because, just like him, many East Texans love the Christmas holidays. He grew up decorating his family home every year and wants to provide the service to others as well.

Carlson explains why he called his company and explains what they are like.

“I wanted it to be professional, but also biting,” said Carlson. “The stinging part comes because I’ve been a law enforcement officer and detective for 14 years.”

This year Carlson landed a contract with the City of Tyler to decorate the downtown plaza with Christmas lights.

“Tyler Parks & Rec has always done this as far as I know,” Carlson said. “So when we made the tree trunks last year, we helped on a smaller scale.”

Carlson said the city liked his company’s help and approached him to decorate the entire downtown plaza.

“We’ll light it up,” Carlson said. “The grassy areas on the north and south side will be lined with xenon bulbs.”

Carlson also said that all of the trees surrounding the perimeter of the plaza will be lit differently in red, white and green patterns.

The city’s Christmas decorations are typically done by volunteers, but according to Amber Varona, director of the city’s main street, it was time to give them a break.

“We realize how tedious and daunting it is to take them away for about two weeks to (decorate),” Varona said.

He said there is also an element of surprise in the works.

This year, the city will have a Dynamic RGB LED-lit bench for photo opportunities.

“It’s going to be really good,” Varona said. “It’s a new technology that’s been floating around, and not many people have it. So from what I hear, we’re among the first.”

ETX Lawn & Order is in charge of decorating the new feature.

“It’s going to be lit (by) all sorts of neat little colors,” Carlson said. “It will be the point of the photos. I know there are a lot of people who will be flocking here for the Christmas parade on December 1st.”

As for the city’s Christmas tree, organizers were unable to confirm which area the tree will come from this year. But the Rotary Club of Tyler Christmas Parade & Tree Lighting is scheduled for December 1 at 6:00pm

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