Droppii brings the only e-commerce business to the United States

As with many startups, the idea behind Droppii’s vision was born in the midst of a rapidly growing industry. Throughout the 21st century, the tremendous growth and power of e-commerce platforms have presented a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their business online. Through a website, businesses can reach far more customers locally and around the world, and product details and reviews are conveniently located in one place. Every day more and more companies are abandoning physical stores and creating an entirely online presence.

But starting and running an online business still comes with many challenges, especially for people who already have a day job and only want a side job to supplement their income. Owning a business takes a lot of time, money, and self-education to research products, manage inventory, place advertisements on marketing channels, and securely package and ship products to customers.

In light of all this, there was an opportunity to develop a new business model.

Creating innovative business solutions to solve today’s problems

The idea behind Droppii is that online sellers should be able to fully focus on caring for their customers and generating sales. To do this, Droppii manages the back-end business operations for the seller, including product inventory, warehousing, logistics, packing and shipping directly to customers.

This method of order fulfillment is known as dropshipping, but Droppii’s model differs in one key feature: buying only the high-quality, in-demand products from suppliers, and offering this curated list of products for sellers to choose from. Products must have a large market size, have the appropriate certifications (such as FDA approval), and provide a high commission for sellers along with other criteria that ensure both sellers and customers will benefit.

Droppii’s business model also includes a number of other crucial services and resources, including business courses for sellers to improve their selling skills; an online Droppii platform for sellers to conduct sales and view analytics; and both online and in-person forums for salespeople to build community, discuss strategies, and celebrate successes.

Michael CoxDroppii CEO United States of America, believes Droppii could have a significant impact for those who want to supplement their income or earn some cash while caring for their children, but don’t know where to start. “Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, college student, or full-time worker, you can be your own boss and set up your own schedule as a salesperson with us. We want to make your job easier, so you can focus on what’s important: spending time with your family and friends and saving for the future.”

Finding success through curated products and personalized sales

Since its foundation in 2018, Droppii has experienced exponential growth. Since 2020, the startup has seen its revenue grow by 1460%. As of the end of 2022, Droppii has over 65,000 online sellers who have generated sales of over 135,000 types of products every month.

Droppii is also looking to partner with more suppliers around the world and educate new markets about the suppliers’ products. Through the facilitation of Droppii, the vendors are able to thoroughly train the vendors on the benefits of their products and how to best market the products to the customers. As a result, salespeople are able to provide detailed, personal advice to customers interested in trying something new.

This strategy allows vendors to improve their sales efficiency, save on advertising and marketing costs, and reinvest the newly saved money back into their business. It also allows the online selling experience to become more personal and focused on the customer’s unique needs, just like interacting with a salesperson on the floor of a physical store. In an ever-growing online world, connections and authentic conversations are key to building trust and loyalty in a brand.

Droppii also provides safe and secure storage for supplier products through professional fulfillment centers located in Southeast Asia And the United States. Suppliers that do not have a lot of inventory can save on warehousing costs and improve their distribution efficiency. When a seller confirms a customer’s order, Droppii delivers the product from a fulfillment center right into the customer’s hands. This prevents any potential damage or loss of product quality that could occur if it passes through other channels, such as the shelves in an in-person store or a salesman’s home garage.

A turning point in the US market

Droppii began Southeast Asia, but people from all over the world can benefit from its comprehensive business services. For the next phase of Droppii’s journey, the company’s leadership has chosen to expand its services into the United States

The United States holds a significant amount of power and influence in the world economy, but it also has a long history and a deep culture of entrepreneurship. According to research conducted by US News & World Report, the BAV Group and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the United States is ranked as one of the best countries in the world for entrepreneurship and innovation. Droppii’s unique business model is sure to appeal to enterprising individuals from the United States as well as vendors looking to grow their audience.

The startup’s vision is to become a leading innovative e-commerce platform in sales personalization and product curation. Droppii brings together and supports sellers, suppliers and customers at every stage of the sales process to connect people and improve the experience for everyone.

Having just launched their first marketing campaign in the US, Droppii’s next steps are to expand operations and logistics in the US, improve the customer experience from order to delivery, and continue production of the “Women in Startup” programs. In each episode, leading experts and entrepreneurs provide mentorship, advice, strategies, and inspirational stories to help women succeed in business.

With an intense determination to create impact in the US market and continually innovate their practices, Droppii is poised to transform the e-commerce industry.

To learn more about Droppii’s vision and how to partner with Droppii as an online seller or supplier, visit the Droppii website.

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