Exclusive: Darren Rovell on World Cup sports rights, US win odds and US ‘ridiculous’ bets – Fox (NASDAQ:FOX)

After losing the 2018 World Cup, the United States men’s national team is one of 32 teams featured in the 2022 World Cup. Sports Betting Expert Darren Rovel shared reflections on the possibilities of the US team, the football sports betting market and the company that broadcasts the match in the United States

What happened: Multimedia company Fox Corp FOXFOX has the rights to broadcast the 2022 World Cup matches in the United States As the US team is present, the viewership may increase significantly compared to 2018.

Fox also has the rights to NFL games, the Major League Baseball playoffs, and Super Bowl LVII will air in February.

“I mean, obviously that’s what you want. This is where you can make the money” Roll of Action Network said Benzinga.

Rovell said it was normally hard to say “it was worth it,” but the evolution of sports betting has helped.

“Sports betting makes it a little bit better when you spend on sports rights. They have to see it live.”

Sports rights were part of the TV content that was fading away with a new generation preferring streaming, Rovell added.

“If you’re betting live, you have to see it coming out of a TV. Bets make it more essential that it comes off the TV.

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Football Betting, United States: Rovell said the US betting market is used to having NFL, NCAA Football and MLB games where there are enough breaks in time to place additional live bets.

“I think soccer is not the best sport to bet on,” Rovell said. “It’s not as easy to bet in a football game as it is in American stoppage games.”

The USA team faces tough odds to reach the late stage of the World Cup with many bookmakers having the USA with odds of +100 or better to advance from Group B where the top two teams out of four will progress to the elimination rounds.

“Ridiculous that the US gets so many bets. People have their own deep-rooted interests.

Rovell said the US is odds 100 to 1 to win the 2022 World Cup at Caesars Sportsbook, a unit of Caesar Entertainment Inc CZR extension. The United States has 10.2% control of Caesars.

Argentina, one of the favourites, is quoted 6.5 to 1 and has a 22% lead.

“Argentina gets double the money despite being 15 times more likely to win the World Cup.”

Rovell said he will likely make some live bets during the World Cup, but probably not pre-match bets.

While Rovell has said that soccer is a sport where a mistake or two can lead to a change in winner, he doesn’t see the United States as having a good chance of going the distance.

“I don’t think we have the talent to really make a dent.”

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