FightOut Crypto Pre-Sale Launches: Why This Move-to-Earn Project Will Be The Next New Token To Blast In 2023

London, England, Wednesday 14th December 2022 – There’s a brand new move-to-earn (M2E) coin in town called $FGHT, and it’s the future of health and fitness.

$FGHT is the access token to FightOut, the Web 3.0 fitness app and gym chain that combines real-life workouts with metaverse competition – a global first of its kind.

The token is now on sale for $0.01665002 (60.06 = 1 USDT) and there is no minimum or maximum purchase amount.

Attack a $96 billion health and fitness industry with a combat strategy

The health and fitness industry has a massive valuation estimated by Statesman at $96 billion in 2022, but that’s stuck in the past, and M2E app and gym chain FightOut are coming to the rescue.

In an exciting and ambitious fundraiser of up to $100 million, the FightOut app and gym chain is setting out to upend one of the most valuable growth industries on the planet.

FightOut raised over $1 million in its 7-day private sale in December and is now rapidly gaining traction in the first round of its public sale.

Fitness is related to health and well-being, so any path that makes it easier to maintain or achieve fitness goals offers the prospect of helping us all live longer and more fulfilling lives, but also provides investors in those business ventures a financial success.

FightOut is on a mission to transform the hitherto dominant Web 2.0 setup, but also to overcome the weaknesses it has identified with Web 3.0 Move-to-Earn as currently implemented by projects like STEPN.

FightOut is supported by Transak, LBank Labs, BlockMedia Labs and

Unique Strengths of FightOut: Web 2.0 meets Web 3.0

FightOut’s unique strengths mean it is likely to become a top crypto project in a short time.

M2E platforms like STEPN have done a lot to popularize the idea of ​​rewarding measurable activity and fitness goals with in-app currencies.

But FightOut takes a giant leap beyond the already existing M2E in several ways.

First of all, FightOut tracks more than just footsteps: all forms of fitness activity will be measurable through new technological methods, including sensors in the gym.

Plus, you don’t need to buy expensive NFTs to start using the platform.

FightOut’s M2E isn’t limited to narrow fitness goals either. With FightOut you are rewarded for adopting a holistic and healthy lifestyle, not just for walking down the street!

Other innovative approaches include a soulbound avatar that is uniquely tied to your in-app self, including attributes such as strength, muscle conditioning, cardiovascular performance, technique and more, and cannot be traded. Stats logged from your real-life workouts will level up your avatar as you progress.

Your avatar becomes a mechanism for opening fitness to a space of nearly infinite virtual world possibilities to make healthy physical activity more social and motivating. Your FightOut avatar opens the door to the FightOut metaverse.

FightOut brings together elite combat athletes to raise fitness aspirations for all

In addition to seeking to drive the adoption of Web 3.0 technology in health and fitness by targeting the hundreds of millions of ordinary people around the world involved in structured or informal exercise and fitness regimes, FightOut is also focusing on the elite “combat athletes”.

FightOut will provide pathways for professional athletes such as boxers and other types of athletes, with a “styles make fights” approach that tailors fitness programs to particular sports and activities.

An expected consequence of this inclusion of elite athletes will be seen in the way it serves as an incentive for non-elite gym patrons.

Ordinary gym and app users will be provided with ambitious encouragement as a by-product of the presence of elite athletes on the platform.

This will take concrete form with gym activities, videos and training regimens made by combat athletes in studios that will be part of every gym.

In effect, gyms will become community centers for all members, but with a physical presence at them, not a required or even necessary part of membership.

FightOut plans to roll out up to 20 gyms initially, starting with cities that have the most vibrant FightOut communities, with the platform eventually having a hub in every major global city around the world.

How the FightOut app incentivizes $FGHT usage and token value

At the heart of the platform is the FightOut smartphone app, where phone and smartwatch-based technology will, primarily, be leveraged to measure and track physical performance.

FightOut is a subscription service and both of its two tokens – $FGHT and REPS – can be used to sign up, as well as regular fiat currency.

To support the $FGHT token economy, there will be a 25% discount for those who purchase their subscriptions with $FGHT.

REPS is FightOut’s off-chain in-app currency.

Rewards are earned in REPS and available in-app goods and other services, such as remote consultations with personal trainers or FightOut’s exclusive fight coaches, merchandise, and a whole range of digital goods, such as cosmetics for avatar, they are all paid with REPS.

Additional REPS can be purchased using $FGHT, providing another carrier to support the value of the $FGHT token.

Social, metaverse, AI, ambassadors, gym rollouts… so much more to offer

As mentioned, each user’s avatar mirrors their real-world achievements and this serves as a bridge to leaderboards, leagues, tournaments and awards, thus leveraging social activity for feedback to encourage actual physical engagement.

There will also be fights with professional fighters powered by AI and special competitions that can be organized by community members and brands.

FightOut’s first gym is scheduled to open in Q4 2023, with each gym including a health bar, studio and co-working space.

The FightOut Ambassador Program will also add value by enrolling professional boxers and other elite athletes to promote the brand and hold events such as masterclasses.

$FGHT presale token bonuses will be appreciated by investors

There is a total supply of $10 billion FGHT tokens, with 60% of that amount going to presale purchase, 10% cash for trade quotes, and 30% for rewards and project growth .

Presale has a generous rewards program, meaning investors receive token bonuses of up to 25% for investments of $50,000 and 10% for relatively modest token purchase amounts of just $500.

A three-month vesting period is in effect for all presale token buyers. Additionally, buyers can receive increased token bonuses by selecting longer vesting periods from 6 months (10% bonus) to 24 months (25%).”

Due to bonus rewards, it means that the pre-sale allocation of 60% is a base amount and could be higher (up to 90%) depending on the level of bonuses actually made.

Of the funds raised in the pre-sale, 70% will be spent on the acquisition and renovation of the venue.

The team behind the FightOut presale has been KYC verified by CoinSniper.

Become a part of the growing community and join the fight for a healthier future with FightOut!

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