First reading held for Trussville Entertainment District boundary designation

By Hannah Curran, editor

TRUSSVILLE – The Trussville City Council held the first reading of the ordinance designating the Trussville Entertainment District (TED) on Thursday, Nov. 17.

The aim of the ordinance is to include companies in TED and make them a single group. TED would be styled to include the pavilion, Ferus, Trussville Social, Mr. West, Corbeau Wine Bar, Ax Downtown, and extend to Shirley’s Florist. If TED grows, the board may decide to expand lines at that time.

“We’ve included all businesses that may turn into a different facility in the future,” said Lieutenant Chuck Bradford.

Each business within TED, if it intends to serve alcohol, must have an individual alcohol licence.

TED wouldn’t include parking lots because they don’t want people leaving the designated area with open containers of alcohol.

“We do away with parking because you really don’t want people drinking in the parking lot,” Bradford said. “If it’s included, it will make it legal. If we were to try and enforce it and get people to pour their drinks, putting it within the district line could put us in a difficult position.”

By removing the parking lot and drawing the line just behind all the businesses, the city can contain it to the pavilion and restaurants. Additionally, the area will be marked with six-foot signs saying, “No alcohol beyond this point.” The Trussville Police Department said it would provide an officer to enforce this rule.

“We don’t want to encourage people to cut alcohol out of TED,” Bradford said.

TED’s designation would allow patrons to carry open containers of booze from one area to another; however, alcohol must be contained in plastic cups (no glass) with the name of the business names displayed on the glass and a proof of purchase. Also, patrons are not permitted to enter another business with alcohol from a separate business.

“The receipt helps ensure that people don’t bring their own alcohol into TED,” said Council Chair Lisa Bright.

If an individual leaves the entertainment district with an open container, they will be asked to pour it out.

Mayor Buddy Choat explained to the council that the term Entertainment District is established by state code and the state sets the rules.

TED opening hours will change if the ordinance is passed. If the board approves it, the hours will be 11am to 10pm, so TED and businesses will close at 11pm.

“This would close all businesses in TED at 11pm because they are in the Entertainment District,” Bradford said.

Bradford said they will work with companies to educate them about the ordinance if it is passed.

The second reading and vote on the ordinance will be held at the next session of the city council on Tuesday 13 December at 18.00

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