God’s Crooked Lines is the next Netflix thriller you need to watch

God’s Crooked Lines is one of the newest thrillers to be released internationally by Netflix. The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by the Spanish writer Torcuato Luca de Tena. The feature film is one of the most successful Netflix Spanish productions, being in the top ten most viewed in multiple countries since it was released. This is intense storytelling; if the viewer is not a fan of complicated and heavy psychological thrillers, they should let it pass. But, for thriller fanatics who enjoy a good mystery with jaw-dropping twists, it should be on your watch list.


God’s Crooked Lines tells the story of Alice Gould (Bárbara Lennie), a private detective who pretends to have a paranoid disorder in order to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Her last case was brought to her by the father of one of the former patients, who claims that her son did not commit suicide but was instead murdered. This complicated situation takes a turn for the worse when Alice’s reality is brought under control, leaving the audience with no idea who is crazy and who isn’t.

Here’s why you should watch this new Spanish thriller and some recommendations if you enjoyed the movie.

Good thrillers based on books

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Book adaptations to the big screen are always a challenge. Translating the feelings that words evoke on the page through a camera lens is no easy task. One of the most iconic films ever made, Psychopathwas a psychological thriller based on a novel. Rosemary’s baby is another great example of a Polanski classic that is a milestone in the history of cinema. Thrillers are, by nature, complicated stories to tell. They must have some confounding elements and take unexpected turns, yet still sound true to the shreds of evidence that have been shown. For this reason, when a thriller manages to fool the audience, it’s usually really fun to watch.

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God’s Crooked Lines it is also an adaptation. One of the biggest criticisms it received was not about the film itself, but rather how different it was from the novel. Not surprisingly, the author’s fans were a little disappointed with this point of view. There were some major changes, as the important characters weren’t present in the film. Also, the case that the protagonist is working on, an important part of the plot, was different. However, for those who haven’t read the book (and even those who have), the film by itself is a great thriller and should be seen.

God’s Crooked Lines

God's Crooked Lines
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God’s Crooked Lines became one of the most successful Spanish films made by Netflix. The story is an intense psychological thriller that follows the protagonist, Alice, who is the only sane person inside a mental hospital. Alice is trying to figure out a murder that has been written off as a suicide. The actors, especially those playing other patients in the institution, are excellent and bring the script to life, creating an atmospheric narrative that leaves the viewer sitting on the edge of their seat.

The film is full of dialogue from the beginning. There’s a lot of important information delivered right from the first scene through the dialogues: this is the kind of film that demands the audience’s attention from the beginning to the last shot, and if you’re watching it with subtitles, beware that it’s not the kind of movie you can look away from if you want to follow the plot. The story is intricate and can get quite confusing, especially as it deals with the idea of ​​an uncertain reality and an unreliable protagonist. A lot of what’s interesting about the film is how different perspectives that mostly come from the same character, Alice, play out on the same events as she gathers more information.

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This translates into the way the film is structured, with two main storylines linked in ways that trick audiences into believing in a specific timeline, only to be shocked when they realize what’s really going on. This increases the feeling of confusion, as the viewer is also deceived due to how the story is told, just like Alice. There is a certainty in a narrative that thrives on uncertainty: someone is lying.

Finishing a thriller is always a difficult task; after twists and turns, it’s hard to know where to stop. The way this story ends is brilliant, as it plays with the mental confusion and ideas of reality up to the last frame, building a deep relationship with each viewer in unique ways. This is a slow-burning film that runs over two and a half hours. However, those who take this journey, no matter how long, are rewarded.

What to watch if you liked God’s crooked lines

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If you watched God’s Crooked Lines and you want to delve into similar films, these are some recommendations. For another Spanish-language thriller, The Invisible Guardian is the first installment of a trilogy of films, called The Baztan Trilogy, made by Netflix. The entire trilogy is available to watch on the streaming service and is also based on a novel. This one deals with murder and trauma and has some supernatural elements that are also part of its storytelling, going a little heavier on the horror genre than God’s Crooked Lines.

A better known recommendation would be a collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio Shutter Island. The two films go hand in hand with the perception of reality and the need to solve a criminal case. They also deal with heavy subjects, like mental health and trauma.

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