Gwanda author, Ncube writes second Ndebele novel

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Tafadzwa Chibukwa, news reporter

INSPIRED by everyday experiences and a commitment to the conservation of indigenous languages, a Gwanda-based author, Christopher Ncube decided to use the experiences for his writings.
Ncube, who hails from the Selonga area, was also inspired by the books he read from an early age through his teens.
As a literature student, Ncube said he read and researched extensively, which then made him develop a passion for being an author.
“Being a literature student, I had no choice but to get carried away reading a lot of novels and poetry books. It was something I couldn’t overlook as a student, but I have to say it’s something that eventually interested me. Growing up,

I started writing my own pieces of work,” Ncube said.
He said that during his high school days he wrote short novels and asked people around him to read his work. They would have cheered him on, which gave him more confidence to venture down the path he chose.
And now, Ncube has launched his second book, a novel of Ndebele literature titled Ngangingazi. The novel that was launched two weeks ago is about feuds experienced between relatives and in society at large.

Ncube said that relationships between relatives are not always transparent, which he addresses in the novel.
“The Ngangingazi book raises a conundrum that has seen families quarreling with each other. Emphasize the importance of family members applying their insight in addressing problematic issues they encounter.
“Furthermore, the book touches upon nefarious acts committed by people in whom the community has great trust,” he said.

Ngangingazi is his second novel since his debut as an author in his early twenties in the late 1990s. His first novel was Phakathi kwelitshe lembokodo, a set book for advanced Ndebele literature.
Ncube said he hopes his second book will have the same impact as his first that has taken the country by storm.
He said that with times changing and society adopting technology, he is working on making his books digital so people can access them online.

“I’ve realized that society has advanced and people are moving with the times, so to do justice to the moving times, I’m working on putting all of my published work on online platforms for the community to access online.
“Sometimes because stationary books are used by pupils they are prone to piracy and having a hard copy would mean they can be photocopied and flood society with no return for me. So by putting the book online, it would mean that a class would only access the book after registering and subscribing,” Ncube said.

Ngangingazi, Ncube said, was published by Abalobi Bakithi with the help of sponsoring Fulgens Enterprises Trading.
Speaking at the launch of the novel, Morgan Moyo of Fulgens Enterprises Trading said their company is making an effort to improve life in the country and community of Gwanda by identifying talent and nurturing it.
“We couldn’t have let Ncube work alone considering his great jobs. Such works deserve to be commended and supported as they give back to the community by guiding youth and children towards a better movement,” said Moyo.
He said they are looking forward to Ncube getting more recognition. – @Sagepapie14

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