Hades fans should play Pyre

One of the many exciting moments of The Game Awards 2022 was the reveal of Hades II, the first sequel from developer Supergiant Games. This is great news for fans of Hadesbut with the game entering Early Access in 2023 and a full release likely years from now, players will have to look elsewhere to get their Supergiant fix.

Thankfully, there is one hugely underrated Supergiant game that shares many great qualities with it Hades: Pyre. Although the games come from completely different genres, the fans of Hades‘ art style, music, characters, world building, and fast-paced gameplay will all sit right at home Pyre. The game is a unique mix of genres, as it is part party-based RPG, part visual novel, and part 3v3 sports game. It may seem like a strange mix, but Pyre pulls off this blend of genres so easily that gamers will wonder why there aren’t more new party-based sports games.

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Pyre’s aesthetic and music are captivating, just like Hades

Overworld pyre

The games developed by Supergiant never disappoint aesthetically, as always demonstrated by the art style of the studio and the haunting music of Darren Korb. That said, PyreSupergiant’s art, music and atmosphere are unmatched in Supergiant’s catalog of games. Featuring dozens of memorable songs, moody mood tunes and climactic power ballads, PyreThe soundtrack alone is worth the modest price of the game.

PyreThe environmental design and art of are also surprisingly well put together, pairing one of the most beautiful overworlds ever conceived in a game with equally beautiful music. Hades gamers who fell in love with the game’s art style or soundtrack are doing themselves a huge disservice by not playing Pyreas this is Supergiant Games’ aesthetic magnum opus and some players will seriously consider purchasing a vinyl of the game’s soundtrack.

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Fans of Hades will love Pyre’s world-building and characterization

Pyre rukey speaks

One of the main attractions of Hades is the lovable cast of characters that the player can interact with in between runs through the Underworld, slowly building relationships and discovering bits of lore that help build an interesting setting. For fans of this aspect of Hades, Pyre it’s a dream come true. Since the game is much more narrative-driven than Hadesthere’s a huge focus on world-building and the lore dripping on players as they navigate a different kind of underworld.

Pyre features a massive cast of unique characters that the player builds relationships with throughout the game. These relationships are actually extremely important to the story of the game and can lead to very difficult choices and mysteries that are definitely worth uncovering. fans of Hadeslore or characterization will thoroughly appreciate the novel-like visual parts of Pyre.

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Pyre’s gameplay is fast-paced and strategic

Rites of the pyre

For Hades fans who loved the fast-paced gameplay of the title, Pyre it should scratch that itch to some extent. The action is few and far between compared to Hades‘ runs constant roguelikes, so players who don’t care about aesthetics or world-building may not like it as much. That said, PyreThe gameplay of is not sloppy.

As a 3v3 sports game, fast-paced and strategic gameplay is at its core Pyreand the difficulty can be increased exponentially with a mechanic similar to Hades‘Pact of Punishment. For the diehard competitors, PyreThe 3v3 mode of can also be played against friends online. Hades II it might take a while, but gamers who feel the need to fill a Supergiant-sized hole in their heart will feel right at home in the modern gaming masterpiece that is Pyre.

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