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UNDATED (AP) — There is no playbook to educate on how athletic departments should respond to the tragic death of one of their athletes. But those who have lived through the trauma say the increased emphasis on mental health care in athletic departments and universities generally — spurred in part by the pandemic — helps when a crisis strikes. Tragedy struck the University of Virginia earlier this week. Three members of the football team were shot and killed while on a bus returning to the Charlottesville campus from a school trip to Washington.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) – A prosecutor says a witness told police the University of Virginia student is suspected of opening fire on other students as they bused back from a school field trip targeting specific victims. The prosecutor gave a brief account of what police believe happened Sunday night during the suspect’s first court appearance on Wednesday. Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was ordered to be held without bond. His attorney has not addressed the substance of the allegations against him. The school also announced Wednesday that it was canceling the final home game of the season scheduled for the weekend against Coastal Carolina. Sunday night’s violence left three football players dead and one player and another student injured.

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