“Historically we have influenced art”

Do you think there has been a successful move towards greater visibility of trans creatives in the industry right now?

I AM: Yes, the visibility has increased but we are not there yet. We still need a better, broader representation of the breadth of not just trans identities but other intersections like race, class, and disability, for example.

TG: Many models and actresses today are the protagonists of projects and contribute to giving new life to this sector which obviously needs a change. But a successful movement as such, alas, has not yet existed. Part of this has a lot to do with brands yet to be daring make this big and important change. That would be good for the industry and society at large.

CENTIMETER: Safe? It’s gotten better in the last 5 years, but it’s definitely not where it should be. I think brands are still scared and insecure about using and including trans people in ways that have the most impact, after a Pride shooting or a traumatic story.

What needs to be done to further increase trans visibility in the creative industries?

I AM: We need more media coverage of trans people’s success, not just in pride campaigns but all year round. We need to see them in senior management, not just in commercials.

TG: Brands should understand that we don’t just exist in Pride month because visibility is important to improve how people are seen and establish it as the norm. I also think exposure in the industry shouldn’t just be exclusively for trans models; I think the creative sector should have more trans people working in it at all levels, making it much easier for trans people to enter a better socioeconomic status.

CENTIMETER: To do it and mean it. Be absolutely about it. We cannot control who supports us or who throws us. This affects the rest of society, not trans people. We are already doing our part and more. What more can we, as trans people, say to convince him?

Who are some of your favorite trans creatives working right now?

I AM: Musicians like Campbell King and Tom Rasmussen. Artists like Joy Yamusangie and Sin Wai Kin. Writers like Shon Faye and Travis Alabanza. Tattoo artists such as Cash Frances, Alien Ink and Melting Body Ink. Photographers like Heather Glazzard and Declan Kelly. SUPA introduction The X Board was brilliant – I also love leading trans agencies like WIMP who represent trans+ talent.

TG: In Mexico, we need more creatives and more representation, but I’m a big fan of American stars Hunter Schafer and Teddy Quinlivan. I think they are women who are very inspiring to many young trans girls today. I’ve also met friends like Jasmine Barbarin, who I’m sure she’ll become an icon for our community.

CENTIMETER: I don’t know where or who I would be without the influence of these people in my life, personally or just following their art. I have countless favourites. Every trans person in the industry empowers me and encourages me to move forward. The inspiration and hope that comes from my trans peers in fashion is immeasurable.

@DominiquevCastellano — She is a beautiful model and painter, her activism for the trans/queer community of Pinay is more than important. It is and has been a scary and dangerous time for queers and queer youth in the Philippines. I am so proud and inspired by her.

@Coyotepark — They give me so much genre euphoria, every artwork I see from him is dazzling. An absolutely beautiful person, this is the trans-male influence and representation I love to see in the world.

@amara. xtravaganza “She’s such an amazing woman. About Her Her knowledge and wisdom about the ballroom and how to serve has taught me in ways I never imagined for myself to push myself harder.

@breakthebinary (Addison Rose Vincent) — They really inspired me to love myself. For a long time, I’ve struggled with loving my natural hair and seeing other trans people hug each other, which makes me feel powerful and pretty for who I am.

@Aaron__Philip “What he’s done for this industry is huge. Her journey from young author to supermodel, she is absolutely stunning inside and out, the absolute earth angel.

@iamjarijones “I’ve never met anyone who compares to his energy, his talent is beyond measure, and there’s absolutely nothing he can’t do. I so deeply appreciate the way he holds each person.

@MarquiseVilson “His heart is so beautiful, he’s such a kind soul. How he presents himself and cares about the people around him and the community is how others should learn to present themselves.

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