Home entertainment continues to stay at home even as we emerge from the pandemic

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The box office has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels

According to a News Nation article published earlier this year, “In 2021, the digital market accounted for 72% of the combined film and home market.” This is a steep increase from before the pandemic, when the markets for theatrical and digital entertainment were roughly equal. Aside from the occasional groundbreaking release, like last week’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” which had an impressive $181 million domestic opening, movie attendance hasn’t quite returned to what it was before the pandemic. This means that most people depend on their home entertainment system for their theater experience.

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Why don’t people go back to the theater?

Lack of must-see movies

There are several factors that all contribute to theater attendance continuing to remain low. The first is the lack of cinema-worthy content. With TV series delving into character growth and complex storylines and special effects becoming increasingly accessible to low-budget productions, blockbusters and over-the-top adventure films, such as the Marvel films and ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, they’re the only kind of cinematic experiences big enough to get people off the couch and into the theater.

There is little waiting time for streaming

Decades ago, movies sat in theaters for months, and it could be years before you could see them any other way. Today, however, many films hit theaters within weeks of their release. Some, like the most recent installment in the Halloween franchise, are available to stream on opening night. There’s no longer any urgency associated with arriving at the theater, so people are content to wait a couple of weeks to watch at home.

It’s more convenient (and affordable) to watch at home

When you stream a movie at home, you can watch it whenever you want. You can also refresh your drink and take as many bathroom breaks as you need without missing a single scene. And even if you buy the movie on release day, it’s still cheaper than buying two movie tickets at the regular price.

People can have a superior entertainment experience at home

Although it started long before the pandemic, the trend of buying components for home entertainment has increased in recent years. Instead of spending money on in-person live events, people have been investing in home entertainment equipment. This means they can have a big screen quality experience with an ultra HD TV and immersive audio with a surround sound system. Even today’s video games and gaming systems have a cinematic element.

Everything you need to have the best possible home entertainment experience

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LG C1 series 65 inch OLED smart TV

The foundation of any home entertainment system is a quality TV. This 65-inch OLED TV has a brilliant picture with rich colors and vibrant contrast. The Game Enhancer makes this TV excellent for everything from streaming movies and live sports to playing games.

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The best premium VIZIO M-series 5.1 soundbar

VIZIO M-Series Premium Soundbar 5.1

This popular home surround sound system delivers an immersive 3D audio experience with cinematic sound. The 5.1-channel system has nine speakers to deliver pristine clarity.

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Best Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

If you are an Apple fan, Apple TV 4K is the streaming device you will want to get. It integrates seamlessly with your other equipment and gives you access to all your favorite services from Apple TV+ to Netflix via the new Siri remote.

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Best Roku Express 4K

Roku Express 4K+

Roku is an extremely popular way to access premium content. It features simple setup and features dual-band wireless connectivity for maximum connectivity and speed. Voice Remote lets you find content just by asking.

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Best Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Fire TV Stick 4K max

This Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s most powerful streaming stick. It’s faster and smoother than previous generations. This model is Wi-Fi 6 compatible and comes with an Alexa voice remote.

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Best OLED for Nintendo Switch

OLED Nintendo Switch

If you want to use your home entertainment setup for gaming, the Nintendo Switch is a great option, as you can play in console mode to take full advantage of your high-definition TV and surround sound system.

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Best Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S is an all-digital gaming system. It lets you play digital games from four generations of Xbox. The S-series offers advanced features, such as near-instant load times, fast recovery, and more.

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While the PlayStation 5 console may become easier to locate and buy in the near future, if you want to be able to play all those PlayStation games right now, your best option is to buy the older PlayStation model.

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