Horror books for young adults that would make great film adaptations

There’s almost nothing better than hearing that one of your favorite books is going to be adapted into a movie or series. From The Twilight saga to The Great Gatsby, Harry Potterand nearly the entire work of Stephen King, there’s a huge catalog of book-to-film adaptations out there, spanning nearly every genre.

To be honest though, sometimes book-to-film adaptations aren’t all that great, hence the expression “The book was better than the movie.” It can be difficult to transfer hundreds of pages of descriptions, backstory and dialogue into a block of less than two hours. On the other hand, though, sometimes it’s done really well, almost to the point where the book and the movie can be tied to what’s best. If you’re an avid reader and movie/TV watcher, there have probably been times when you’ve read a book and started imagining how good it would be as a film or TV adaptation. The images are so vivid that it’s as if the book is playing out in your head like a movie. These are six young adult horror books that give off the same feel and would make great film adaptations.


6/6 Deep, dark and dangerous

Clarion books

Deep, dark and dangerous is a mysterious ghost story by Mary Downing Hahn published in 2007. It is about a teenage girl named Ali who spends the summer in a lake house in Maine babysitting her granddaughter. At the lake house, Ali finds an old photo of her aunt, mother of her, and a mystery girl that has been torn from the photograph. Neither her aunt nor her mother seem to remember who the mystery girl is, but when a strange girl named Sissy starts showing up and pestering Ali’s niece, she starts to put the pieces together and discovers who the mystery girl in the picture is.

Mary Downing Hahn is known for creating chilling ghost stories for children and young adults Wait for Helen to arrive and Willis’ old place. Deep, dark and dangerous it would make a great film adaptation because it has enough suspense and horror to be scary without being traumatizing, meaning it would be a good watch for a wide audience. It also relies heavily on foreshadowing, which would transfer very well to the big screen. The setting of the book would also work well as a film, because the eerie setting of summer camp is a favorite in the horror film genre, and Deep, dark and dangerous it would be a really good book to see on screen.

5/6 Clown in a cornfield

Frendo lives

Clown in a cornfield was released in 2020 by Adam Cesare. It focuses on Quinn, a teenager who has recently moved to a small factory town in Missouri with her father after her mother dies. It is a typical old town that is at odds with itself, with older residents and young locals often clashing. Quinn becomes friends with a group of local stubborn teenagers, one of whom is known for burning down the town’s local corn syrup factory. The boys attend the annual Founder’s Day celebration together and an after party held in a nearby cornfield, but things finally take a sinister turn when the town’s mascot, Frendo the Clown, starts killing the boys one by one.

Clown in a cornfield is a modern slasher, and while it’s in the young adult genre, it’s also a fun read for adults. It’s a very well written story with interesting characters and would make a great movie. It also has a sequel: Clown in a Cornfield 2: Frendo Lives – which means that if the book is ever adapted it could become a two-movie event. It is also likely that we will see Clown in a cornfield make its big screen debut sooner or later because the producers behind the horror film Smile they are currently working on a big screen adaptation.

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4/6 Ten

Balzer + Bray

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie’s And then there was nobodyyou will probably like it Ten by Gretchen McNeil because it is inspired by Christie’s bestselling novel. It’s about 10 teenagers at a weekend house party on an island. It starts out as a fun moment, but things soon take a sinister turn when they discover a gruesome DVD that declares revenge, a storm cuts them off from the outside world, and a mysterious assassin begins taking them out one by one. It’s a classic “whodunnit” that will keep you guessing from start to finish as you try to figure out who the killer is.

This type of storyline works really well in movies and has been done a number of times already in similar ways Clue, Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express. Ten is very, very similar to And then there was nobodyfrom the general plot to the descriptions of the storm, but it has a certain modern twist that manages to make it fresh while being a generally familiar story.

3/6 I hunt assassins

Little, Brown and company

I hunt assassins it’s a very unique story and for that reason alone it would make a great movie. Written by Barry Lyga, it is about Jazz, a cute teenager who happens to be the son of the world’s most infamous serial killer and has participated in many “take your son to work” with his father, experiencing the crime scenes from the point of view of the criminal of sight. Jazz’s father has been in prison for some time now, but the murders are starting to repeat themselves. In an effort to clear his name, Jazz joins forces with the police to hunt down the killer. But is being a murderer part of the family?

TV series fans Right will probably like Jazz and the I hunt assassins story because there are many similarities between the two, such as how charming the main character is. This is also another one of those books that although it’s classified as young adult, it really can be for anyone. It’s well written, well paced, and is so tense that it turns pages that it wouldn’t be a shock if you finished it in one sitting. I hunt assassins could be really well adapted to the big screen and probably see a lot of success – look how loved it is Right was. The book also has several prequels and sequels connected to the storyline, which could open the door to a series of films rather than just one.

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2/6 Joyland

Hard crime

Sure, there has to be a Stephen King novel on this list. Joyland is a Hard Case Crime book about a college student named Devin who goes to work as a summer ride at an amusement park in a small North Carolina town in 1973, where he uncovers secrets surrounding an unsolved murder. It’s both a coming-of-age story and a mystery, and it’s a much more sensitive book than King’s other works. There are more thought-provoking lines about life, death, and growing up and less horror, but it’s still a great read and can serve as a good introductory point for those new to King’s work.

The atmosphere of this book alone would make a great movie. A 1970s amusement park looks like a lot of fun to look at. It is also possible that Joyland it would make a good limited series. While not as long as some of King’s other work, he still spent a fair amount of time fleshing out the characters, and a one-and-a-half to two-hour slot of movies may not be enough to do justice to King’s work. he. Also, a limited series would give us, the audience, more content to enjoy. It also wouldn’t be the first time one of King’s Hard Case Crime novelizations has come to life on screen, as Blumhouse Television is currently working on a limited series based on his 2021 novel, After.

1/6 Wicked witch burning

Wicked witch burning
Press Delacorte

Diversity and inclusiveness are often lacking, especially in pop culture and modern media. For example, most witches in modern media are white women or cantankerous old ladies who live in swamps or forests. However, Wicked witch burning it’s a breath of fresh air as the main protagonist – Katrell – is a black witch. Written by Jessica Lewis, Katrell can talk to the dead and uses this talent to make money to support herself and her mother. The spirits on the other side warn her to stop, but she doesn’t and accidentally resurrects someone from the dead and realizes how much more money she could make by bringing people back to life instead of chatting with ghosts. But of course magic, especially dark magic, has a price.

Wicked witch burning it would be a great movie because all the characters are so dynamic and complete that they already jump off the page. Also, it’s not just a book about witch magic. It also covers topics such as poverty, abuse, and depression and excels at delivering thought-provoking messages while also entertaining you with excellent writing and an interesting story. Wicked witch burning it’s Lewis’ debut novel and it’s still fairly new, so maybe if it garners enough hype and praise we might see something bigger come out of it.

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