I’m a Celeb: Owen Warner’s mom faces ‘bullying’ allegations.

The Radio X DJ, 48, from Leeds, has been accused of ‘bullying’ the Hollyoaks actor, 23, who became the butt of many jokes after he appeared to know nothing about his famous campmates.

Owen’s mum Polly landed in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday night ahead of the first round of evictions scheduled for Friday night.

He insisted that his son is not “credulous” and will soon “rumble” the likes of Chris Moyles and other celebrities who have fed him lies.

Owen Warner delighted I’m A Celebrity viewers with his lack of knowledge of his celebrity campmates

Polly defended her son, saying she will take everyone she met in the jungle at “face value” after not knowing much about her fellow campmates.

Chris told the soap actor that he’s actually a professional dancer, with Owen believing what he’s been told.

Owen Warner shocked viewers at the start of I’m A Celebrity with some statements including asking Mike Tindall if his royal wife Zara was Australian.

Viewers were also amused by the young actor after he asked “Where is he?” when introduced to A Place In The Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas.

Owen’s mum Polly told MailOnline: ‘I wouldn’t have called Owen gullible to be honest but he doesn’t know anyone in there so he will immediately take anything anyone says at face value but I don’t think that’s the case.’ it’s going to take a lot to really make him grumble – he’s not that stupid.

Chris Moyles previously told Owen he’s a ‘three-time world champion UK dancer’

The radio presenter also claimed to have acted, saying it was in a “musical for Andrew Lloyd Webber, darling.”

Owen Warner’s mom opens up about allegations that Chris Moyles is ‘teasing’ her son in the jungle of I’m A Celebrity

Owen Warner appeared in the Bush Telegraph to address the claims and praised the “talented” Chris Moyles.

He said, “Chris is a bottomless bucket of talent. He was in a musical, [he has] acting ability, he’s a world champion in dance, he’s a radio savior, he was in Jesus Christ [Superstar]like, what can’t this geek do?!”

Owen caused a great deal of amusement with viewers at home after letting his appetite get the better of him.

The Hollyoaks actor continued to discuss food at camp and even admitted that he wants to food test for a chance to get some extra food.

Owen’s mom was shocked that her son has become the camp chef, adding that it has expanded his former repertoire of two dishes.

Polly said: ‘I can’t believe she’s cooking and eating all those foods – it’s amazing.

“I’m in awe of his cooking… obviously he can cook – he left home at 18 to cook for himself, but these types of foods aren’t easy, are they? He can make chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables and stir-fries, but that’s about it.

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