Iris Munchinsky unveils her new novel

A writer from Virden has done it again.

He opens a heavy cardboard box of books on the library table. The moment of truth arrives when Iris Munchinsky unveils her latest novel in front of friends and neighbors at the Virden branch of the Border Regional Library. A small crowd has gathered and everyone is curious to see the book and hear some pages of the whodunnit.

And finally, they are curious about the struggle and the glory of still writing a second full-length novel.

The author explains her sequel: “Our protagonist is Sela Lamont. She lives in Minneapolis, but in the first book she was taken to Scotland. …”

He was looking for information about his family. “Her grandfather raised her and when he died, he discovered something; she went to clear her name, which she did. However, Sela (and the reader) discovers that there’s more to the story, and that’s where it is The shadow of the masters resumes.

Answering the inevitable question from the audience: “What prompted you to write this story?” Munchinsky reveals that this tale carries the shadows of his own life.

“After my father’s sudden death, we discovered he had a secret in Scotland and no one ever found out what it was. So when I started thinking about writing a novel, this came to mind,” says Munchinsky, adding that in writing he could answer the riddle with satisfaction. ‘I could write whatever I felt like.’

So he did, making his father the figure of his grandfather and the protagonist, his granddaughter.

The first book keeps the reader guessing and possibly confusing who is hero and villain for many chapters. This second book continues the story some six months later in Minneapolis. This is where a possible romance with an MI5 agent emerges as the plot thickens.

While Munchinsky acknowledges that he identifies with the protagonist Sela, the writing of the book also held surprises for her as an author.

“Some of his choices… I think, ‘O boy, what did he just do?’ So then you think, ‘that what could it connect with this’. There are some new characters in this book that I think people will really like. One of them is just hilarious. she laughs.

Word Alive Press of Winnipeg published the book. They suggested she come in The shadow of the masters in a contest across Canada. To Munchinsky’s delight, Shadow it made the 2022 fiction long list, one among seven others. “I’ve been quite happy with this.”

He says reviewers said the book “had something of the DaVinci Code in it, because it’s really an adventure story. Runs from Minneapolis, UK to Acapulco. If you like adventure stories, romantic suspense, I think you will like this book very much. I like it,” he laughs. “I keep reading parts of it and I like it, so I think that’s a good sign.”

After reading a couple of action scenes, the author of Virden started signing copies for people asking to buy copies of her new book. The shadow of the masters as well as the first book in the series, Shadow bridge.

Copies can be purchased at several Virden stores such as: Virden Drugs – IDA Pharmacy on King Street, Shari Lyn Fashions, Garb & Guise to name a few; or online at Amazon and of course through the publisher’s bookstore,

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