It’s an epic return to Soweto for high-end fashion week

​Look into the camera, use the flash, smile and show off on the catwalk at the Soweto Theater for the annual Soweto Fashion Week, which takes place on Friday 2 December from 6-10pm. ​The stage of the Soweto Theater on Bolani Road in Jabulani will be graced by seven local fashion gurus under the theme: Trans-Seasonal Wear.

Dejavu Not a Secret, UJU Designs, NOTE, Fresh Wear, SIBU, FDB and Makgale are among the artists expected to showcase five of their best apparel ensembles.

Fashion enthusiasts will be able to see the exceptionally talented designers walk them through some of their mesmerizing designs for the current season.

The goal is to show viewers how to change the seasonal style of their wardrobes all year round.

Founded by local entrepreneur, Stephen Manzini in 2011, Soweto Fashion Week has showcased some of the sprawling town’s top fashion labels, including Urban Zulu, Zama Swazi and Floyd Avenue, to name a few. It was founded by Stefano Manzini, a local entrepreneur.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the prestigious fashion showcase had to suspend exhibitions, but this year it will be its first venue in two years.

“Our passion remains constant even after the Covid-19 and a two-year break from events.

We want to find the best talent in the fashion industry. Soweto is full of creativity, with many designers wanting to establish themselves on the big stages, and that’s what interests us,” says Manzini.

The event is known for attracting international media to Soweto, including the BBC and Fox News.

“The fashion event also attracted high-profile guests, including former US Ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gaspard, who endorsed the show on behalf of the US government,” event organizers said. in a press release.

Soweto Fashion Week not only promotes South Africa’s fashion, beauty and modeling industries on a global scale, but also promotes Johannesburg as a city full of possibilities.

“This event highlights our contribution to this rapidly growing industry. As Soweto Theater is located in the heart of the world’s most famous small town, we are proud to be part of this force, promoting the work of young black designers from various locations , as well as those from urban areas and overseas,” says Vincent Motau, Director General of the Soweto Theater.

Motau adds that Soweto Fashion Week is also renowned for its runway seasons, with plus-size inclusivity adding fuel to the fashion fire.

Attendees of Soweto Fashion Week can expect high fashion from established and relatively unknown brands, including third-place finisher and NOTE winner of SABC 1 Raw Silk fashion competition Makgale.

«There is also Mercia Ramagaga, who showed at London Fashion Week and on other international platforms», adds Manzini.

For the first time, Soweto Fashion Week has partnered with Coca-Cola, Soweto Theatre, Havillah Beauty, the City of Johannesburg and Soweto TV. Hopefully, these collaborations will help the event reach new heights.

Patrons are promised a blissful night of Haute Couture for R50 per ticket at the doors of the Soweto Theater.​

Written by Dakalo Ramudidibi


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