Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame debut

The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame (LIMEHOF) now has a permanent home in Stony Brook, where the public can learn about local music and entertainment legends during its inauguration Friday.

This A non-profit organization founded in 2004 with a mission to celebrate Long Island’s musical heritage has been looking for the right space to call its home. Eventually they found him at Ward Melville Educational and Cultural Center, a stately 8,800 square foot colonial-style building anchored in the village of Stony Brook, located in 97 Main Street at Stony Brook.

The merger of LIMEHOF with WMHO is the brainchild of Gloria D. Rocchio, president of the Ward Melville Heritage Organization, who said, “When I learned that LIMEHOF was looking for a permanent home, I called its president, Ernie Canadeo, and the rest is history.” “.

This Stony Brook Village location is the perfect home of the Hall of Fame with its active, quaint downtown filled with restaurants, shops, parks, and close proximity to other LI cultural attractions including the Long Island Museum, Jazz Loft, and the Reboli Center.

On Nov. 22, the media were invited to a star-studded ribbon-cutting ceremony that included previous HOF nominees including members of Twisted Sister, Blue Oyster Cult, Vanilla Fudge, Zebra, Bonnie Parker, Paula and Carol Magic Gardens, Jen Chapin and Elliot Murphy. Also in attendance were Brookhaven City Supervisor Edward P. Romaine and Brookhaven City Council Member Jonathan Kornreich. Acclaimed music journalist Wayne Robins, who has held the pulse of the music scene and pop culture for over 50 years, was honored as the latest nominee during this preview event. To cap off the evening, the crowd was delighted with performances by Zebra, Paula and Carol Magic Gardens, Jen Chapin, Elliot Murphy and members of Blue Oyster Cult.

Transforming the Cultural Center into a true celebration of the LI music scene was entrusted to world-renowned designer Kevin O’Callaghan, who created an inspiring experience for visitors. O’Callaghan’s vision is to alternate exhibits that represent the history of music on Long Island. The main exhibition titled “Long Island’s Legendary Club Scene – 1960s-1980s” features the facades of iconic clubs such as Hammerheads in Levittown, Action House/Speaks in Island Park, The Mad Hatter in Stony Brook and My Father’s Place in Roslyn. A peak inside shows visitors videos of artists who have played there including Twisted Sister, Zebra and Blue Oyster Cult. A wide range of memorabilia is on display including vintage advertisements, posters, instruments and an exact replica of a typical 1960s stage, with classic equipment and sound system.

Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame
Ward Melville Cultural Center now home to HOF (photo by Barbara Krasner)

A facsimile of the My Father’s Place bar that doubles as a glass display case displays mementos of the Long Island bar scene such as matchbox covers, coasters, and cocktail menus. There’s also a wall of old ticket stubs, as well as a 10-foot-long map of Long Island showing the locations of the clubs back then.

“Instead of focusing on one candidate, we decided to highlight the clubs that were the birthplaces of all these artists on Long Island,” said O’Callaghan. “It’s a nice way to introduce the museum.”

The permanent Hall of Fame displays plaques and exhibits recognizing over 120 members. There is a section for a library, classrooms for educational programs and master classes, a theater with surround sound, and a gift shop with entertainment and music-themed memorabilia.

Inducted artists including Billy Joel, Joan Jett, Debbie Gibson and families and estates of Harry Chapin, Guy Lombardo, John Coltrane donated rare visuals and artifacts such as their musical instruments, performance clothing, motorcycles, rare posters and photos, lyrics handwritten, and more. Of particular note on display at the Malibu Club replica is Joan Jett’s first classic car.

“People really want to relive the old days. Nothing does it like music. Hearing a song might make you smile which brings you back to your old girlfriend or boyfriend. That’s what this first exhibition is all about.

Help make this new home for LIMEHOF possible is LI Catholic Health Care System. Joe Carofano, senior vice president of strategy and chief marketing officer, said, “Catholic Health is committed to and rooted in LI and we enjoy partnering with like-minded organizations that celebrate LI’s successes.”

The public is invited from 25 November to the permanent headquarters of LIMEHOF where they will take in all the excitement of Long Island’s phenomenal music scene and enjoy the nostalgia of those majestic times.

The Hall of Fame and Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00. Admission prices are: Adults $19.50, Seniors (65+) and Veterans $17.00, Students (with ID) $15.00. Children under 12 are free. Tickets can be purchased online at LIMEHOF.org and at the door.

Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame
Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame ribbon cutting (Photo by Barbara Krasner)

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