Make crypto payments on BChat Web 3.0 Messenger: BChat integrates Beldex Wallet

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The BChat Web 3.0 messenger has integrated the Beldex wallet to allow its users to make almost instant cross-border payments with BDX. Now, BChat users can connect with their friends and pay BDX directly on BChat.

Afanddy Bin Hushni, Chairman of Beldex, said:

“Web 3.0 wallets are a decentralized social identity. With BChat, however, you already have a private and decentralized identity, which is the BChat ID.

“We have long paired BChat IDs with a single Beldex wallet address. With this integration, users can easily send their BDX buddies over BChat just as they send them a message.”

Why BChat

BChat aims to transform messaging by ushering in the next wave of private communications. At a time when communication privacy and web privacy are taking a severe hit, BChat provides a solution for decentralized communication, without intermediaries and without censorship.

Connect with BChat ID

To prevent data exploitation, BChat was designed to never collect a user’s phone number, email address, or username. When a user creates an account on BChat, a separate BChat ID is generated on the chain.

Users can later use their BChat ID to connect with their friends. The BChat ID is an alphanumeric ID that is 64-66 characters long. Therefore, it doesn’t reveal anything about the user.

Chat, send BDX and do more

BChat is part of the Beldex ecosystem which consists of a suite of interconnected private DApps such as BelNet (a decentralized VPN) and Beldex Browser. These DApps offer a higher degree of privacy and security.

With BChat, users can do the following.

  • Protect personal identity BChat does not require usernames, phone numbers or email addresses. Users connect with each other using their BChat ID, a randomly generated on-chat ID.
  • Send encrypted messages BChat uses the open source text security protocol to encrypt messages end-to-end. Therefore, messages sent on BChat can only be read by the intended recipient.
  • Onion routing Messages are routed through Onion nodes in the Beldex network and cannot be intercepted or interpreted by third parties.
  • Pay with BDX Beldex wallet integration allows users to send and receive BDX over BChat. A BChat contact is saved when a message request is accepted. Each BChat ID is associated with a Beldex wallet address. An address book on BChat helps to find the wallet address of a BChat contact.
  • Make peer-to-peer calls Voice and video calls are made over secure channels as they are peer-to-peer encrypted.
  • Avoid spam and scams A user’s BChat ID is not visible to everyone, which avoids scams and unsolicited direct messages.

BChat in 2023

Sanada Yukimura, lead developer of the Beldex ecosystem, said:

“BChat will add the BNS (Beldex name system) in 2023 so that users can purchase BNS names with BDX. BNS is a decentralized naming system, offering unique human-readable names within the Beldex ecosystem.

About the BChat Web 3.0 messenger

BChat is a private web 3.0 messaging app on Beldex, a privacy-enhanced blockchain network. On BChat, users can connect securely with loved ones, send end-to-end encrypted messages, and make voice and video calls over the Beldex network.

Now, with the built-in wallet, it’s fast, easy and convenient to send and receive BDX over BChat.

BChat is cross-platform. You can download the app on PlayStore for Android, AppStore for iOS and for desktop devices such as Windows, Mac and Linux from the BChat website.

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Shawn Gabriel, Beldex Network

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