Marshall’s Athletics Department Introduces Herd Exchange, NIL Business Opportunity Platform

HUNTINGTON, W. Va. – Marshall University student-athletes have another opportunity to pursue Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) business opportunities.

Marshall University’s athletic department announced this week, in partnership with the INFLCR, the herd swap. According to the athletic department, companies can register with the website and then view profiles of every available student-athlete.

“The company can go register, they see all of our student-athletes. They can pick any student-athlete who fits their brand or who they want to work with and start communicating with them,” Sean Tuttle, associate director of athletics for Marshall, said Thursday on MetroNews’ “Talkline.”

Herd Exchange now via Examples of possible business deals include public appearances, autograph signings, social media promotion and endorsements, private lessons and athletic camps, the athletic department said in a statement.

Tuttle added that the student-athlete’s social media accounts are linked to the pages so companies can view the student-athlete’s full profile, including analysis of the student-athlete’s reach. Tuttle added that a student-athlete must accept the activity to talk to them to share contact information.

He added that Marshall is keeping his hands off but checks companies that apply for student-athletes. INFLCR and Marshall University will not be involved in any of the negotiations.

“Just to make sure they’re legitimate businesses. If we get feedback from our student-athletes that they have been harassed or that negotiations have not been confirmed, or if the deal has gone sideways, then we can deny those companies further engagement,” Tuttle said.

Christian Spears, director of athletics at Marshall, said in a statement, “We are extremely excited to bring this new platform not only to our student-athletes at Marshall University, but also to our local community businesses and supporters across the globe. the world of Marshall University Athletics. The herd exchange and strong support from the Marshall community will enable all of our student-athletes to maximize their value in the world of NIL”

Upon completion of a NIL agreement within the local exchange, student-athletes will then be able to complete a compliance statement within the INFLCR app. The app will also include a payment processing tool to allow the company to securely and directly pay the student-athlete, with no transaction fees, a release said.

All disclosure and payment data is automatically reported to the institution’s existing INFLCR compliance portal, and all payments processed using this tool will be reported to a consolidated 1099 that resides in the student-athlete’s INFLCR app for more efficient tax reporting.

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