Marvel reveals that Wakanda’s technology was far more advanced than anyone ever knew

The nation of Black Panther is the most powerful country in the Marvel Universe, as Wakanda mastered secret technology during World War I.

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain America and Winter Soldier Special #1

Marvel comic fans know this of Black Panther nation of Wakanda it is the most technologically advanced country on the planet, but their advances are far beyond what readers might imagine. The African nation is famous for a long-lasting monarchy and a strong desire to keep the secrets of their technology and their precious vibranium. But in Special Captain America and the Winter Soldier #1the nation debuts an amazing new technology in the aftermath of World War I, proving that it could change history any time it wanted.


The nation of Wakanda owes its extraordinary technological developments to a pure vibranium meteorite that struck their land millennia ago. Known as the Great Mound, Vibranium’s unique properties have allowed Wakanda to surpass all other nations in the world, and it remains the only African nation ever to be invaded or conquered by Western or European powers in the Marvel Universe. But Wakandans face their fair share of criticism for standing by as the world faced atrocities during times of war, famine and disease; while Black Panther often decides to temporarily open his country to a select few in both the comics and the MCU, it remains largely closed off to outsiders.

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In Special Captain America and the Winter Soldier #1, written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly with art by Kev Walker, the members of what would later become known as the Outer Circle meet four years after the conclusion of World War I. The group decides that a grand plan is needed between them to control the world and keep it from sinking into chaos and use Captain America’s legendary shield as their symbol. One of those members, Ika Agboje, hails from Wakanda as the former head of the Wakanda Engineering Vanguard, and arrives using a contraption attached to his limbs that appears to defy gravity.

Wakanda is the most dangerous nation on the planet

Wakanda's technology in Winter Soldier

This encounter takes place in 1922, at a time when airplanes were a relatively new technology and the computer was still decades away. While the troops were still developing tanks, Wakanda mastered anti-gravity technology and even an apparent form of human-machine interconnection. Advanced technology has been seen in comics before: in 2006 Black Panther relaunch, American settlers in the 1800s come across advanced Wakandan electric weapons circling the border – but this is the first sign that the Black Panther nation has defied gravity itself; their Wakandan ships would soon use this technology as well.

This development, unfortunately, means that Wakanda could have done much more than simply give weapons to one side or the other in wars over the centuries. Had the Wakandans really wanted to, they could have ruled from the skies in a way that would terrify all combatants on the battlefield. Wakanda is currently an ally of the United States and Captain America in the Marvel comics, and perhaps for the best, if the Black Panther never bent on leading his country to conquer others, Wakanda would win a war against the world.

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