Movie Review: ‘The Inspection’ Passes Muster as Stellar Drama | Fun

Written and directed by Elegance Bratton and based on the story of her life, ‘The Inspection’ comes out of nowhere to knock you off your feet. He is a gay “officer and gentleman” for a new generation and a new world.

Ellis French (a notable Jeremy Pope) is a homeless young gay man with, we assume, a history of drugs. When he knocks on the door of the prison guard’s mother (an unrecognizable Gabrielle Union, also a producer), she acts as if she’s about to be attacked. “You are in trouble?” he asks her, lighting a cigarette. He hands him the newspaper to sit on, no doubt fearing that he has bugs. You know the history between these two is terrible. Ellis, 25, declares that he is enlisting in the Marines, at least a sign that he knows he has to make a change in his life. She has never been able to accept that her son is gay and despises the prospect of him becoming a Marine.

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