One of the must-read children’s fantasy books for 2023 is Mythatania by award-winning director Nicholas Julius

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – Dec. 27, 2022) – Author and award-winning filmmaker Nicholas Julius is captivating young audiences with his latest outing, the whirling novel Mitania. With stunning world-building and an extraordinary cast of characters, this outstanding first installment in a planned series more than deserves its glowing reader reception.

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Mitania follows the adventures of Erin and Owen MacDonald, as Owen discovers an old book about mythical creatures in his well-travelled uncle’s locker. When they are swept off their father’s boat in a dark, possibly unnatural storm, the Loch Ness Monster is mesmerized by the book’s magical glow and transports the children to Mythatania, where all the creatures spoken of in myth and folklore have gone. to escape the outside world. After encountering mythical creatures beyond their wildest imaginations, Erin and Owen discover that the portal to their world has closed. They’ll have to rely on their wits, some new friends, and maybe track down a golden unicorn horn to find their way home. With the help of Misty the Pegasus, Unee the Unicorn, Salandra the Sasquatch and Frost the Yeti, the high-stakes adventure has begun as they traverse the magical, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous land of Mythatania!

Mitania is perfect for children who love The Land of Stories series and other fantasy portals that transport the reader to lush and fantastic worlds. With themes of friendship, acceptance, and loyalty, there’s plenty for readers of all ages to enjoy Mitania.

Teachers, carers and parents have showered Mitania with deserved praise. As a versatile story that can appeal to all age groups, one reviewer says Nicholas Julius’ clever storytelling “will make you feel like a kid again!”

The award-winning animated short Erin, Owen and the Loch Ness Monster which is the opening to the book and the award-winning screenplay can be viewed on YouTube. Free. Link:

Mitania is now available for purchase on Amazon at or wherever the books are sold. Sequels are currently in development.

All reviews on Amazon are five stars. This is one of them.

Nicholas Julius is an award-winning writer, director, producer and actor based in New York City. Lui has written several acclaimed screenplays and continues to work in the film and television industry following the release of his latest novel, Mitania. The animated film that inspired the book has won dozens of awards at film festivals around the country. Visit him online at

Or you can check out his YouTube page for award-winning shorts, animations, and even stand-up comedy:

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