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Title: COVID has crept through our door

Author: Zip Domain

Reviewed by: Bernadette Aliboh

COVID has crept through our door is a psychological and political thriller novel set in 2020. It’s not how you might imagine it. Never judge a book by its cover. The question remains, are we ready for more creativity while still living in a worldwide pandemic that has been going on for over two and a half years and still counting?

COVID-19 is still causing loss, suffering and great inconvenience to many of us. Do we need to be creative about this? Do we care enough? Zip Dominion replies in the affirmative. He asks the reader, also on the cover, does the closing doorknob symbolize freedom or restriction? Then inside the body, I didn’t know a thriller could be so exhilarating.

The style and flow might be right up your street despite its offbeat, sometimes painfully dull and slow start. This reflection goes on for almost 90 pages, however, the writer believes that it was absolutely fundamental to the novel and actually an appropriate opening for the introduction and background of the main character: Khadeen Matisse. She will soon become the charismatic and flawed First Lady of Jamaica. It is necessary for the novel and without it the story would not be the same. It’s just different, perhaps more avant-garde. Alongside the political milieu, her family’s world is shattered when her only son attempts to commit suicide while in solitary confinement on holiday in England.


It’s a thrilling yet thrilling roller coaster novel with nuggets of sheer style, belly laughs, history, insights into Jamaican and Mancunian life / Manchester, England with romantic surprises too.

Zip Dominion doesn’t miss a beat and clearly has a great eye for detail and linguistics. Read nuff delicious patwa. The novel has it all = empathy, pain, joy, shock, excitement, grit, wit, stitches with laughter, and might even make your mouth water (like me) from the occasional culinary and gourmet food and drink in Manchester or in Jamaica such as succulent lamb, well-seasoned pork and fries, and the legendary curried goat.

Plenty of great drinks have also eased the pain caused by COVID-19 like Pinot Gris, Gigondas, Vacqueyras, and white rum. Melton Mowbray pork pies are the protagonists of the story. It’s true (I tasted it myself): they are served cold and with a rich and decisive red wine. I can only suggest you do the same. Delicious is an understatement. Now I’m a cold Melton Mowbray pork pie addict thanks to Zip Dominion. Being a Mancunian myself, the culinary images were real and comforting.

Zip Dominion creates a cinematic, movie-worthy, action-packed and suspenseful crescendo of a finale, with a wonderful and surprising twist. I was fully engaged, enticed and absorbed after reading the novel in just two days.

All in all, souls and nations will join this novel. It is an unusual, unexpected love story with great and clear family values. Zip Dominion makes it clear that it’s good and vital to have rich, transparent, compassionate, and sincere support from friends and family, no matter what or where you are in life. Has it resonated with any COVID-19 experiences I know of? Yes sometimes. However, the novel was, and continues to be, an inspiration in helping me sift through the gems of my family and friends for genuine support and love. I want to thank Zip Dominion for such a powerful and inspiring read. I will definitely find out what other novels this author wrote. I’m a fan.

COVID has crept through our door is available on Amazon.

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