Peacock’s Top 10 Originals, According to IMDb

Only launching in 2020, Peacock is still new to the streaming landscape, but the platform is already one of the most recommendable when it comes to original programming. And there’s even more wonder to come, as it was recently announced that a new series created by James Wan is in development. The show is an adaptation of Robert McCammon’s 1988 horror novel Sting.

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There’s plenty for fans to consume as they wait for the famed director’s new project. And those looking to focus on only the best of what the streaming service has to offer can look to IMDb, which provides aggregated ratings based on fan reviews, enabling them to make the right choice.

10/10 One of Us Is Lying is a gripping murder mystery

IMDb Rating – 6.9

Addy, Cooper, Nate, Bronywn from One Of Us Is Lying.

From Knives out to The afterparty, there has been no shortage of crime films and TV shows lately. Another great offering in the category is One of us is lyingin which one student dies just before exposing four others in a gossip app.

The guessing game keeps fans hooked, with each of the targeted students singled out as a suspect. However, the main characters are very likable, forcing viewers to consider them innocent. It’s a mystery that doesn’t get solved quickly, so the fun continues.

9/10 Brave New World imagines a society without monogamy

IMDb rating – 7.0

The utopian society seen in Brave New World.

A utopian society where monogamy and capitalism are forbidden is bound to have its unexpected problems. And, as expected, the drama in New world it comes into play when some citizens choose to rebel against these concepts.

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Taking the characters from Aldous Huxley’s novel of the same name and placing them in a more modern setting, the show establishes itself as one of the best book-to-TV adaptations. The graphics are stunning and the erotic aspect of it all is handled in a way that doesn’t feel crass. Unfortunately, New world it has only one season.

8/10 The call has a highly religious detective

IMDb Rating – 7.1

Detectives question a witness in The Calling on Peacock.

In most popular police and criminal procedures, morality is usually examined from the offender’s point of view. Things are different in The callwhere fans can see a religious detective who follows sacred teachings more than the rules of force.

Through the unique premise, the show continues to handle the themes of religion and mental health quite beautifully. This is because things are never easy for the protagonist, who has to consider many factors before making decisions that his colleagues consider easy. And unlike most procedurals, the focus here is also on character development rather than crimes.

7/10 Killing It is a hilarious story about the American Dream

IMDb Rating – 7.1

Craig chats in front of his car in Killing It.

The most lucrative venture for a desperate single father who dreams of becoming a successful businessman is python hunting. Rather than just talk about capitalism, Killing him is a satirical examination of various aspects of American culture.

For example, viewers get new perspectives on divorce and co-parenting through the protagonist’s difficult relationship with his ex-wife. As for the humor, it’s not on the level of some of the greatest comedies of the 21st century, but luckily there’s Craig Robinson, an actor who always makes viewers smile without him having to say a word.

6/10 In Girls5eva, shipwrecked stars seek redemption

IMDb Rating – 7.2

Busy Philipps, Paula Pell, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Sara Bareilles in Girls5eva.

Fame can be brutal and inside Girls5eva, life gets tough for the members of a girl group when years go by without them creating another hit. Despite this, they vow to keep trying.

Friendship and career are at the heart of a story full of catchy musical numbers. The show is quite frantic and the jokes are quite clever, giving viewers the incentive to hit rewind time and time again. More important, Girls5eva it is inspiring, indirectly sending the message to viewers that they should never give up.

5/10 MacGruber is better than the show it makes fun of

IMDb Rating – 7.2

MacGruber disarms a bomb in MacGruber.

Parodies rarely turn out better than the original project, but this is the case Mac Gruber. The show, which began as an SNL sketch, is a hilarious take on the world of McGyver.

The show is filled with laughable jokes and endless nonsense, and never fails to shock viewers. And while comedy is top priority, there’s enough action to wow fans who aren’t too impressed by the characters’ endless efforts to be funny.

4/10 The Resort juggles between love and mystery

IMDb rating – 7.3

William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti in The Resort.

The idea of ​​a mystery popping up while people are on vacation has been used many times before, but The resort still gives a new touch. This time, an unhappy couple tries to find out why two people disappeared at the same resort more than 15 years ago.

The couple’s coordination throughout the series is admirable, especially as their marriage is crumbling. The flashbacks are woven into the proceedings rather aptly, giving fans a perfect understanding of both the present and the past. Also, a lot of work goes into the cinematography, resulting in every scene looking exquisite.

3/10 A family friend shows the enemy inside

IMDb Rating – 7.4

A family sitting on the sofa with the dog smiling in A Friend of the Family.

Shows based on real-life events rarely suffer from the problem of weak plots, and neither A family friend. In a story meant to scare the parents, a neighbor kidnaps a couple’s daughter and turns her against them.

Anna Paquin, giving an Emmy-worthy performance all the way, is one reason why A family friend qualifies as one of the crime shows worth watching. There are many emotional moments, which make viewers’ eyes water from time to time. More importantly, there’s a big lesson to be learned: never ignore the small signs.

2/10 In Dr. Death, patients pay the price for a doctor’s incompetence

IMDb rating – 7.6

A scene from Doctor Death.

Many fields have few unskilled professionals, e.g Doctor Death it shows how bad things can go if this is not looked into. Here, a doctor fails several surgeries, and before he’s called to account, so much damage has been done.

As it happens in A family friend, the horrors witnessed in the show happened in real life. While watching, viewers keep hoping for where justice will be served. But before that, many more heartbreaking developments occur, pointing to a broken system and a cold world.

1/10 Lost Speedways is a fantastic journey across America

IMDb rating – 8.5

A scene from the docuseries Lost Speedways.

Peacock’s most popular offering is a docuseries that takes viewers around abandoned racetracks through the eyes of a retired racing driver. On paper, the concept of Lost racetracks it sounds subtle, but the episodes prove there’s a lot to explore.

Gearheads and lustrous wanderers will enjoy the show more, given the type of content, but the expert host also convinces curious viewers to stay tuned. The location choices are perfect, making the whole show a feast for the eyes instead of just a learning experience.

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