Poconos author self-publishes dystopian novel

Poconos author Jean Estelle at her booth at Scranton Comic Con.

For Poconos author Jean Estelle, writing has always been an “escape.”

“I’ve been writing since I can hold a pencil. Like me, everyone has a story and my escape has been my writing all my life.” Estelle said. “It was a world I could create, control and lose myself in; my escape.”

And he seems to be building a fan base in the Pocono Mountains.

Her recent novel, HOPE, described as “post apocalyptic” and “dystopian” by her husband and publicist Eric Rosol, “is starting to sell better than we ever could have imagined.”

HOPE introduces us to the world of the main character Juniper Mikah. The teenager is forced to live underground with what is left of the world’s population after a nuclear war.

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