Proud Bisaya: 6 Filipino Gen Z Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were From The Visayas

The entertainment industry in the Philippines is mostly concentrated in Manila, with a lot of its talent coming from the cities of Metro Manila. It is not known by many that Visayas has also produced many great talents, especially for younger audiences.

Young, unique and talented – these are the qualities Gen Z celebrities now embody. From singers, actors, to multi-talented stars, Visayas certainly has representatives.

Hailing from different parts of the Visayan Islands, meet 6 Gen Z celebrities who have Bisaya roots:

1. Kyle Echarri

While he was born in California, Echarri’s family actually moved to Cebu in 2014. His showbiz work is centered in Metro Manila, but he occasionally returns to Cebu for a vacation. He even shared some clips of him in Cebu on his Instagram and YouTube accounts!

Echarri debuted as a singer but later explored acting and theater roles. She recently surprised fans by posting shots of her trip to the beach with fellow actors Daniel Padilla, Joshua Garcia, Zanjoe Marudo and Yubs Azarcon, a friendship mix that surprised Pinoys.

2. Seth Fedelin

Although Fedelin and his family currently reside in Dasmariñas Cavite, he actually has roots from Romblon. His parents are natives of Romblon and speak Bisaya. Sometimes he comes home to his hometown. When they’re lucky, Bisaya fans sometimes even get a greeting from him in Bisaya! Surely Fedelin is a Bisaya through and through.

3. Janella Salvador

Born in Cebu, Salvador is the illegitimate son of West End musical actress Jenine Desiderio and award-winning singer-songwriter Juan Miguel Salvador. Coming from a family full of celebrities, she is known to be related to actors Phillip Salvador and Maja Salvador.

She’s multi-talented at best, she’s great at singing and acting, but now she’s also great at being a new mom. She recently gave birth to her baby with actor Markus Paterson.

4. Bailey May

Remember the Filipino-British teenager who rose to fame for his covers of Sean Kingston and Daniel Padilla? Well, Bailey May is actually from Cebu. He got more attention from the Pinoys when he joined Pinoy Big Brother: 737 (PBB 737) and finished as the 4th Teen Big Placer.

May was born in Cebu to a Cebuan mother and a British father. Although he is not as active now in the Filipino entertainment world, he is currently a member of the global pop group Now United, as the only Filipino representative.

5. Vivoree Esclito

Another PBB gem is none other than Vivoree Esclito who is best known for her roles in the online series Hello Stranger (2020) and He’s Into Her (2021). Esclito was born from Loon, Bohol in Central Visayas. Like loud and proud Bisaya, she recently helped raise money for victims of Typhoon Odette in her hometown of Bohol via YouTube.

6. Janine Berdin

As a singer, Janine Berdin is unique and talented. A proud Cebuana, she rose to fame when she finished as the Grand Champion of the second season of Tawag ng Tanghalan, an amateur singing competition. She was nicknamed “Cadets My Girl ng Cebu” at the time. She is now flourishing in her singing and songwriting career.

In retrospect, Bisaya Gen Zs in Philippine show business are currently dominated by Cebuanos – and who knows, there may just be one more star to come from the hidden places of the Visayas. It won’t matter at the end of the day, though, because these loud and proud Bisayas will continue to shine and represent the islands of the beautiful Visayas.

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