Ronan Keating on why friend Mike Tindall is ‘struggling’ on I’m a Celebrity – ‘He’s very quiet’

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Ronan Keating And Mike Tindal have a fabulous friendship and in an exclusive chat with HI! the singer has revealed why he feels like the former rugby star has been struggling with life in the I’m a celebrity Get me out of here! jungle.

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Although his friend is stuck in the Australian jungle, Ronan he’s been there for Mike every night when he sits down to watch the show at home and even admitted to saying to his daughter Missy, who recently moved overseas, “Let me finish I’m a celebrity and then I’ll call you.”

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But despite his best friend’s support, Ronan she explained that the doting dad seems to be struggling and definitely needs a good meal. “We’re loving Mike about it [the show] he will win it. I think he’s struggling right now, the Mike that I know.

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“I think he’s hungry and I think he misses his family. So I think that’s why we don’t see his huge personality at the moment. But I think as soon as she comes to terms with that over the next couple of weeks, I think she’s going to shine brightly. I think he will really win. He is the most respectable, honest and good human being. He will always be there for the underdog, he’s a hero, he’s a good guy, we love him, he’s one of the favorites in this family to win.

The two are good friends

“The camera cuts to him sometimes and he’s just sitting in a hammock and not getting involved. I think he’s just hungry, I could be wrong. maybe he’s just shutting up. Someone feed that man, someone please!”

Ronan also revealed that he was chatting with the doting dad just hours before entering the competition, he said: “I was talking to Mike the day before he entered when he was in Sydney. He was in great shape and he was so excited.”

Talking about how Zadar she was managing her husband in the jungle and nicknamed Sue his “jungle wife,” Ronan explained: “Z is a legend. He is the coolest cat you could ever meet. I mean, she won’t be upset by any of this. He is the most normal and respectable person. She’s a royal and she’s incredible, she’s not. You know, she’s just Zara. She is just amazing. [She has her] feet on the ground and is an absolute lady. She’s classy.”

Ronan couldn’t speak more highly of Zara

In the conversation, Ronan also mentioned how he and the rest of the family had been coping since their daughter Missy left for Australia to become an actress.

He said: “It’s tough, it’s really tough but we still FaceTime every night before bed and when he wakes up in the morning. We watched I’m a Celeb when she calls. So it’s like: ‘Missy, let me finish that I’m a celebrity and then I’ll call you back. We FaceTime twice a day as that might fade a bit, as he gets more and more comfortable down there.

Ronan is the “director of love” of Costa Coffee

“I think it’s very, very important to her that we continue to have that contact every day until she’s settled in properly.”

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