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You’ve heard that you are what you eat, but what about what you wear? This is a question that has been on the minds of ZERO founders Eliana Konsker and Brigitte Cant. The creative duo started their e-commerce platform ZERO to bridge the gap between green consumers and largely vetted, green brands. By offering a transparent shopping destination where shoppers can become aware of what they buy, Konsker and Cant hope to bring about positive industry-wide change. ZERO demonstrates that style and sustainability can and should coexist through a curated range of ethically made pieces.

Innovative and purposeful, ZERO strives to make a difference. On their website, you’ll find dead and repurposed garments presented through beautiful storytelling that seeks to build a connection between buyer and garment, transcending the traditional click-and-buy process. Every garment and accessory on ZERO meets the strictest environmental and ethical standards, taking into account all parts of the garment’s life cycle, from fabric sourcing, composition, dyes and end of life, to safe working conditions and wages decent for all employees.

Since its inception, ZERO has built a community of people looking to enhance their relationship with fashion and explore ways to incorporate sustainability into their lives. On the meaning of conscious living, Konsker shares in a press release: “Sustainability at ZERO means giving equal importance to the environmental, ethical and social implications of the fashion industry. We strive to lead the way for an industry whose burden is not an inhibitor to future generations.”

Cant adds: “At ZERO, we approach sustainability through a holistic lens that considers the planet and its people. Through our extensive evaluation process, we examine the environmental impact at all stages of production, employee exploitation and conscious consumption. With a focus on regenerative practices and waste-driven design, ZERO ensures that all pieces featured on our platform directly combat textile waste or fall into a fully circular cycle.

The platform is now seeing a relaunch to celebrate months of growth and achievements. The founders say: “Our aim has always been to provide conscious consumers with a range of clothing that is both environmentally friendly and fashionable. We are very excited about this relaunch as we are nearly doubling our current offering to bring sustainable garments into more wardrobes.”

Check out the exclusive lookbook above and head over to the ZERO website to explore the full conscious range.

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