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Light novels, like their Japanese counterpart, manga, are popular among young Japanese but also have an older audience. It is true that there are outliers to the rule that light novels are shorter than run-of-the-mill novels and often contain fewer than 250 pages in each book. The frequent use of images distinguishes light novels from standard Japanese books. Light novels often have manga-style artwork.

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Putting down some light reading and letting your mind wander is a great way to clear your head of clutter. But if you want to take it to the next level, nothing beats a good light novel slice of life. This collection is for you if you have been looking for some wonderful and rejuvenating slice of life books.


6/6 Wandering Witch: Elaina’s Journey

Wandering Witch: Elaina's Journey

Elaina has been exposed to several short stories since she was a child; the one about the famous witch Nike has always been her favorite. Since then, seeing the globe has been her lifelong dream. Elaina has finally reached the age of maturity and now she can call herself a witch. She meets many new individuals and places during her travels, learning about the planet’s many wonders and darker aspects along the way.

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There isn’t much substance to Majo no Tabitabi, but it’s still a pleasant and unfocused read. The tale is actually a compilation of his travel experiences, but it is told as a continuous narrative. If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, you can’t miss this exciting storyline in a life-splitting book.

5/6 I had the same dream again

I had the same dream again

Three very different people: a bullied high school student, a depressed young woman who self-harms, and an older woman who just wants to die, all share this story. What might these three individuals have in common? Nanoka Koyanagi, a sixth grader, investigates their lives after being tasked with defining joy for her instructor. When you pressed for an answer, were you able to find it?

A reader of this slice-of-life story may wonder if they have a solid understanding of the concept of happiness. The plot is wonderful and the book itself is quite fascinating. Those looking for a good life story need look no further.

4/6 The Pharmacist’s Diaries


Mamao’s father is a pharmacist and she grew up in a small village. She has no idea why she is now being summoned to the emperor’s residence. However, she is kidnapped and sold into slavery. He is an excellent doctor with a sharp mind. Working as a housekeeper, she gradually discovers and solves the puzzles surrounding her employer.

Perhaps what you need is a slice-of-life tale that can handle both humorous and serious situations. The plot is mysterious and delves deep into the protagonist’s inner life. She is such a great protagonist that readers adore her from the very first chapter. This should satisfy your appetite for the “slice-of-life” category.

3/6 Adachi to Shimamura

Adachi to Shimamura

During a chance meeting in the second floor gym, Sakura and Hougetsu strike up a conversation. They develop a close relationship through a constant game of ping-pong. Yet with each passing day, one of them begins to have feelings for the other. This strains their friendship. Will they be able to overcome their differences and forge a strong bond, or will this tragedy drive a wedge between them?

This is more than just a good book if you like light novels about everyday life with a focus on the romance between the female protagonists. To put it another way, this story is a true work of art in the yuri subgenre. You should be thankful you stumbled upon it, despite its probably undervalued value. It’s funny, sad and uplifting all at the same time.

2/6 Spices and Wolf

Spices and Wolf

The legend of Holo, a mighty wolf god once known as the “Sage Wolf of Yoitsu”, has faded into folklore. One day Kraft Lawrence, a trader, sees her dozing in her wagon. Holo suggests they go into business with her if he agrees to take her home. He recognizes her talent and decides to travel with her, and by embarking on this journey, he comes close to realizing his dream of starting a business.

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With no prior knowledge of the story or the author, this lightweight book will quickly become a favorite. The adorable and fun texture ensures it will quickly become a firm favourite. Extremely entertaining to read, with fantastic world-building and some tense moments. I mean, even after you finish this light novel, you’ll want more.

1/6 The magical power of the saint is omnipotent

The magical power of the saint is omnipotent (1)

Sei, a young office employee, has been called to a parallel universe where, instead of one person, there are two. No one likes You as much as the other girl. Six, however, is content to abandon the royal house and open a shop that sells the remedies and beauty products that he has invented with his powers of his. He’s making enough money to live well without his holiness being a burden.

The premise of this Isekai light novel is quite interesting, and it is one of many. This storyline is no better than any of the others, and neither are the characters. Overall, it’s a great book that won’t let you get bored. This is the perfect narrative to relax with if you’re in the mood for something simple.

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