Start-up with the discovery of new solar products looks for B2B and DTC opportunities

Kutanios is a biotech start-up founded by two Oxford University medical scientists: Chief Executive Officer, Dr Irina Miller, and CSO Professor, Norman Miller.

The company has developed a unique mechanism to mitigate the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and air pollution by targeting the skin’s lipid peroxides.

Professor Norman Miller is a leading lipoprotein expert and was part of the team that discovered the link between high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and protection against heart disease. This was published as the HDL hypothesis in The Lancet medical journal in 1975.

Miller’s further studies on the role of HDL led to his research on lipid peroxides and their harmful effects on the skin.

“There is a lot of scientific literature and medical literature on the effects of lipid peroxides in biology, but also, in particular, on the effects on the skin. They reduce the synthesis of elastin in the skin and are an important cause of DNA damage. Miller explained.

“There’s a lot of evidence that they’re a factor in skin aging and its cosmetic changes, also that they’re a major factor in causing skin cancer, sunburn, and even acne.”

Given the prominence of suncare and anti-aging in APAC’s giant skincare market, Miller told us it was vital to the start-up. “The APAC market is the biggest one. For skin care it represents perhaps 50% of the world market.

It is already in talks with a leading distributor of personal care chemicals in the APAC region, who believe Lipoxerase has huge potential here in the sunscreen, anti-aging and anti-acne markets.

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