Stephen King says this remote island in Maine is worthy of a novel

Once upon a time there was an island in Maine for sale, but only to those who could handle it.

We often joke about wanting to escape and live remotely on your own island away from others, but do you think you could actually pull it off?

This special Duck Ledges Island is only for those who can truly handle being alone, aren’t afraid of dangerous storms, and can handle the lack of a septic tank.

Living on this remote island would be so intense that Stephen King thinks it would be a killer novel.

Duck Ledges Island in Maine is not suitable for “man or beast” in the winter

Located just a 10-minute boat ride from Jonesport’s public marina, a small 1.5-acre island cottage was listed for sale for just $339,000. A woman from New Jersey bought it, but she had to earn the royalties for her offer to be considered.

The rustic private island was once owned by Billy Milliken, who owned it from 2007 until recently, as shared by Insider.

Many offers were presented to Milliken well beyond the asking price, but a different kind of price came in to take ownership of the island.

To even be considered the new owner, Milliken required that anyone wishing to buy the island must be able to spend a night alone in the small cottage.

A woman from New Jersey had what it takes.

A New Jersey woman buys Duck Ledges Island in Maine

As she shares the article, Charlotte Gale went through the test and spent some time alone in the cottage before making the purchase.

Milliken took her by boat to the island and shared with Insider that she suspected she was the one carrying nothing but a waterproof backpack over the others who packed their bags and suitcases.

Living on a remote island is not for everyone, and the cottage is not even habitable from October to May due to “dangerous storms”.

Imagine yourself alone on an island in the ocean in the dark with waves crashing around you, sitting on 1.5 acres of land just 20 feet from the water’s edge.

Not everyone would be able to handle it.

Stephen King comments on the exciting remote island of Maine

In response to the YahooNews post about the island for sale, the horror and sci-fi author (and Mainer!) Stephen King tweeted: “There is a novel here, just waiting to be written.”

One could certainly write a spooky novel about a remote cabin at sea, even if Gale’s situation doesn’t seem all that scary. She shared with Insider that she plans to grow a garden around the island and says it’s her place she’s happy with her and she loves being alone.

While I’d probably feel the same way on my own island, I can also see the scary parts of being in the ocean just 20 feet from the crashing waves all alone in a 540 square foot cottage.

The article said King’s reps didn’t respond to a request for comment, but it would be a great book.

I don’t read scary stuff, but I would definitely read it.

Maine private island and home that is an escape from the world finally sold

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