Steve Stanley publishes his debut novel True Crime – “Criminal Tendencies: The Salvatore Luzani Story”

Steve Stanley publishes his debut novel True Crime - "Criminal tendencies: the story of Salvatore Luzani"

“Criminal Tendencies” is based on the true story of Salvatore Luzani, who went from being an almost ordinary high school student in the suburbs to forming his own paramilitary “squad” and climbing the ladder to become a top-level drug dealer. He wasn’t shy about taking on any enemy, including the mafia.

Orlando, Florida – December 31, 2022 – Steve Stanley’s new book, Criminal Tendencies: The Salvatore Luzani Story, is based on the true story of the infamous Salvatore Luzani. Readers are given a taste of what it’s like to embark on a journey to become a drug dealer and climb the ladder to the top level, all without getting eliminated by various types of criminals.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a book for adults, as it depicts the violence that accompanies the profession of drug dealing. Sal Luzani had a fairly ordinary upbringing in the suburbs of New York, until he realized that his key to wealth might just be drug dealing. The author has a unique writing style where his main character speaks directly to the reader explaining everything that is happening on his journey to the top of drug trafficking.

It’s not often you hear of a criminal with nine lives, as he manages to defeat his enemies. Sal’s success is due to his organizational skills which allowed him to assemble a crew of ex-military trained assassins who were willing to take on all opponents, including the mafia. Readers will be amazed at how quickly Sal has built a reputation that has kept many of his competitors at bay. He never thought a girl would bring him down.

The author details all the events that turned this boy from the suburbs into a professional criminal. Sal had the ability to learn what he needed to excel in his new life, including how to build silencers. It’s easy to see that Sal enjoyed his chosen path until he found himself in jail facing murder charges and the death penalty.

Sal always knew he had criminal tendencies, and it had been documented through psych tests, but he was losing control of it. People died and Sal was tried on 2 counts of first degree murder and acquitted. One would think that his experience would have been enough to set him right, but he found himself constantly doing illegal things, and he found them exciting and a challenge.

While waiting for his trials, Sal has become a notorious prison lawyer. He was responsible for obtaining the freedom of at least 50 detainees awaiting trial. His clients in prison included Mafia figures and others, who were indebted to him. The story of Salvatore Luzani still lives on today with his infinite feats.

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