Sue Nyathi’s novel translated into Arabic, set at the Cairo Book Fair

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Mbulelo Mpofu, reporter from the world of entertainment

Bulawayo-based LOCAL best-selling fiction author Sukoluhle “Sue” Nyathi has reached another milestone after her second novel, The Gold Diggers, was translated into Arabic by theater director and playwright Tarek N, and will be exhibited at the Cairo Book Fair in Egypt. The two-week exhibition begins today.

Nyathi, who was nominated for the AU20 writers’ residency program ‘Our Africa, Our Future’ held in Ghana last year, told Chronicle Showbiz that translating will gain her traction.

“It’s an exciting development to see your work translated. My job is to travel and reach other audiences,” she said.
In The Gold Diggers, Nyathi takes readers on a journey of economic discovery in Johannesburg.

Those in exodus pay dearly for the dangerous passage to what they believe to be a better life; an escape from the vicious vagaries of their current life in Bulawayo.

In their minds, the streets of Johannesburg are paved with gold, but they’ll have to dig deep to get anywhere near it, getting dirty in the process.

Told with fearless honesty and bold descriptions, the stories of individual immigrants are both heartbreaking and moving.

In addition to The Gold Diggers (2018), Nyathi’s literary works include An Angel’s Demise (2022), When Secrets Become Stories, A Family Affair (2020) and The Polygamist (2012).

“After publishing ‘An Angel’s Demise’ last year, I’d like to take a year off before embarking on another book project,” said the 44-year-old author.

Sue Nyathi

His literary career dates back to 2012 when he had his first published book The Polygamist. Before that, she was a freelance writer for the ‘Steaming Off’ column in the Sunday Mail.

The decorated author has seen her work gain nominations, most notably The Gold Diggers, which was shortlisted for the Barry Ronge Sunday Times Fiction Prize in 2019 and the Dublin Literary Prize in 2021.

A Family Affair was shortlisted for the same award in 2021, the Institute of Human and Social Sciences Award 2021 and the University of Johannesburg Main Fiction Prize in 2021.

Her legend complements that of other Zimbabwean women who have had a local, regional and international literary footprint. These include Simphiwe Gloria Ndlovu, NoViolet Bulawayo and Nonduduzo Ncube. – @eMKlass_49.

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