Tenneco Advanced Suspension Technologies poised for growth in China

CHANGZHOU, China, November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Advanced Suspension Technologies (AST) business unit of Tenneco’s Performance Solutions business group today celebrated another major milestone for its electronic suspension portfolio and outlined its strategy to become a leading technology partner for car manufacturers around the world China. The company has hosted government dignitaries and members of the media at its manufacturing facility in Changzhou to celebrate the expansion of its CVSAe semi-active suspension into China. CVSAe technology is featured on Geely’s Zeekr 001 electric sedan, both Geely’s Lynk & Co 09 hybrid SUV, and the Li Auto L9 and L8 electric luxury SUV.

“We are proud that vehicle owners around China will be able to experience the amazing benefits of the CVSAe suspension manufactured right here Changzhou,” She said Henrik Johansson, Vice President and General Manager, AST. “We look forward to working closely with leading OEMs to help set new benchmarks for driving pleasure, comfort, safety and customer satisfaction.”

One of several electronic suspensions available through Tenneco’s Monroe® Intelligent Suspension (MIS) portfolio, CVSAe technology has already gained widespread adoption in Europe and other regions, with more than 16 million units delivered since 2002 for more than 75 vehicle models. The system continuously adapts to changing road conditions based on data from multiple ride control sensors. An ECU processes sensor inputs and independently adjusts the electronic valve within each of the system’s four shock absorbers, achieving optimum damping characteristics for each driving situation. Drivers can select their preferred operating mode, from intensive comfort to sporty, for maximum enjoyment. CVSAe combines an outstanding driving experience with very low energy consumption, making it ideal for all-electric and hybrid vehicles.

“CVSAe offers an extraordinarily wide tuning range not typical of competing systems,” said Johansson. “This capability allows the vehicle manufacturer to dial in the precise ride and handling characteristics set forth for each new model. This is key to optimizing the driving dynamics of electric and hybrid vehicles in particular, which have relatively heavy battery packs positioned low within the vehicle structure.”

CVSAe technology is compatible with vehicles equipped with coil springs and air suspension, can be used with Macpherson shock absorbers and/or struts, and requires minimal electrical power. Tenneco can supply the damper modules together with the control algorithms and software, which can be efficiently adapted to each new model.

The launch of the CVSAe technology in China was made possible thanks to the close collaboration between Tenneco’s Engineering Center for Excellence in Ermua, SpainAnd Chinateams based in engineering, sales, program management, purchasing and operations. “China it’s a significant part of our growth strategy, and our engineers work hand-in-hand with OEM teams to help streamline the integration of our latest suspension innovations into their development efforts,” said Johansson. in a driving experience superior for their end customers.”

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